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The Online Server offers Free Tech help with France Dedicated Server

The Dedicated Online Server is the most effective solution for your video-on-demand requirements. It will provide all the tools you require to maximize your production of videos, which includes the most powerful technical assistance. If you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out this server will ensure that there is no issue at your side while you […]

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From Labor Shortages to Customer Behavior: How One BBQ Restaurant Uses Technology to Adapt

Tejano BBQ Burrito was founded in 2015 to combine delicious barbecue recipes with healthier options. This Texas-style-barbecue-meets-Mexican-barbacoa puts quality and authenticity at the forefront of every burrito, bowl or salad, honoring slow-cooking traditions and prioritizing fresh ingredients.  From a single location, it has grown to three well-known Montreal restaurants. And while they haven’t been immune […]

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The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence On Business

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic for those who enjoy discussing the technological advances of recent years. Artificial intelligence is still in its infancy, and it hasn’t reached its full potential yet. However, that doesn’t mean that artificial intelligence should be abandoned. artificial intelligence in business systems It is not a realistic dream. Artificial intelligence […]

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“Failure is a fact of life. The key is to keep going”: Fred Sirieix on employing ex-offenders, technology and the art of service

Generosity is integral to hospitality.Few people understand this better than Fred Sirieix, who through a seasoned career as maitre d’ in top UK restaurants has earned his stripes as an authority on customer experience.  His modus operandi is simple yet effective: he helps restaurants achieve excellence by perfecting each touchpoint in the customer journey, and […]

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How AI Is Reshaping the Future of Construction Technology & Jobsites

Artificial intelligence is something which we come across in science fiction movies these days. However, it is much more than that and it has become an integral part of various industries at present including the construction industry.  AI or artificial intelligence is actually a machine which will be able to mimic human cognitive functions which […]

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