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Guide to the National Restaurant Association Show 2022

National Restaurant Association Show (NRA), has been the premier event in the foodservice sector since 1919. Following a two-year absence, the biggest tradeshow for hospitality has returned and is better than ever in 2022. Each year, McCormick Place hosts the Chicago-based show. The event spans three buildings and four floors. Show 2022 boasts more than […]

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Restaurant Guide: 6 Tips to Prepare for Patio Season

Restaurants typically serve an assortment of dishes. Increase in businessDuring the COVID-19 pandemic, many restaurants around the world have survived by utilizing the patio season.  Global restaurateurs responded to unprecedented restrictions and guidelines in 2020. Outdoor dining is safer than indoor eating, so business owners transformed parking lots into pedestrian walkways to provide seating for […]

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The Top Restaurant Trade Shows and Conferences in North America (in 2021)

Let’s face it, the world has changed, and one of the industries that suffered one of the biggest (and quickest) head-to-toe transformations has been the events industry. While the in-person component of many restaurant trade shows or conferences has gone virtual, most events are still powering through to find new creative ways to educate, inspire […]

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Eco-friendly Hospitality: 5 Ways to Reduce Restaurant Waste

Quality meals are expensive, and restaurant owners understand this. While part of that cost is reflected in the price of a dish, there’s also a hidden environmental cost: food waste. Restaurants around the globe deal with a large amount of food stock every day. To ensure that customers are served high-quality food, many of these […]

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Food Inventory: The Restaurant Inventory Management Checklist

Inventory control is a key component of restaurant management. A proper food inventory management is essential to ensure that service runs smoothly. However, if it’s not done correctly, financial results can be adversely affected. Even a small oversight in your stock management system can cause food shortages and food waste, as well as inaccurate forecasting. […]

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