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From Labor Shortages to Customer Behavior: How One BBQ Restaurant Uses Technology to Adapt

Tejano BBQ Burrito was founded in 2015 to combine delicious barbecue recipes with healthier options. This Texas-style-barbecue-meets-Mexican-barbacoa puts quality and authenticity at the forefront of every burrito, bowl or salad, honoring slow-cooking traditions and prioritizing fresh ingredients.  From a single location, it has grown to three well-known Montreal restaurants. And while they haven’t been immune […]

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14 Examples of Successful Restaurant Concepts from Around the World

First, you must decide on the restaurant type you wish to open. Also determine the restaurant’s concept. Your general restaurant type is the best place to begin. Then, narrow your focus to a particular restaurant concept or theme. Food concepts for fast food. Typically chains, like McDonald’s or Taco Bell, fast food restaurants are all […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Restaurant Bar Design

Although it’s easy to overlook, restaurant bar design can greatly contribute to your business’s success. A well-designed bar encourages guests to linger—and keep ordering—while a poorly designed one can mean guests closing out tabs after just one drink. A well-designed bar will help employees serve drinks more efficiently and maximize profits every shift. Whether you’re […]

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QR Code Ordering: How to Run your Restaurant with Limited Staff

The way you run a restaurant is different. While restaurants around the world have quickly jumped back into the culinary hustle, many have also realized it’s not as simple as picking back up where they left off. With many restaurants operating at maximum capacity, diners are eager to return to their dining areas. However, staffing […]

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How to Efficiently Manage Labor Costs for Your Restaurant

The highest restaurant labor costs are often the most expensive Restaurant ownership costs. Restaurateurs aim to keep labor costs below 20% and 30% of gross revenues. A full-service, white-tablecloth restaurant is likely to have a higher labor cost than a resto. Restaurant with quick serviceBecause they have more employees to provide a higher quality service. […]

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8 Ways to Increase Revenue with Restaurant Analytics

Your cloud-based POS systemYou are equipped with dozens of restaurant insights, data and analytics. Every time an employee enters an order, swipes a credit card or closes a check, they’re creating data. Every Yelp review, Facebook post and retweet on Twitter—and even the weather—have an effect on your bottom line. Although individual data may not […]

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