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The Ultimate Cafe Opening Checklist

Everybody loves cafes, students included. Starbucks gets all of the attention. But, Starbucks can’t compete with a mom-and-pop cafe that serves breakfast and lunch. A plan that includes all the elements necessary to make your cafe popular and profitable is impossible without good accounting and a well-designed cafe POS system. Even a simple checklist for […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Restaurant Bar Design

Although it’s easy to overlook, restaurant bar design can greatly contribute to your business’s success. A well-designed bar encourages guests to linger—and keep ordering—while a poorly designed one can mean guests closing out tabs after just one drink. A well-designed bar will help employees serve drinks more efficiently and maximize profits every shift. Whether you’re […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Renovating Your Retail Store

Renovating your retail store can be both exciting and rewarding. Your store’s exterior and interior design are a crucial part of your overall brand experience. While remodeling your store can be a big investment, the difference it makes for both customers and employees can be well worth it.  If you’re considering renovating your store, our […]

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