7 Highly Effective Restaurant Marketing Tactics

Technomic’s “Bakery Café Consumer Trend Report” has some good news for those who You can own and run a bakery-cafe. The Survey and article from Nation’s Restaurant News, 43% more respondents had been to a bakery than when they last surveyed in 2008. 72% stated that they go to bakeries atleast once per month.

According to the article, “…the most common reasons given by consumers who do not visit bakery-cafés have to do with location and unfamiliarity.” If potential customers don’t know where your bakery is, or that it even exists, what can you do? It is possible to create a more successful restaurant marketing campaign. Don’t worry, we’ll show you how. Here’s what we’ll cover: 

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Tip #1: Upload videos (with personality).

Don’t worry about the expensive equipment or the budget. Most of us already have decent quality HD video cameras on our smartphones. And if you don’t, you probably still have one on your digital camera. It doesn’t matter what style you use to take your videos. They will demonstrate the quality of your work to customers and give you an opportunity for personality to add to your brand. 


Tip #2: upload photos every day

Facebook photos should be the same as baked goods. The quality of photos can also reflect the product quality to online customers. Make sure your photos are high-quality.

A photo of the best creation will be posted on a daily basis to remind people to get that cake they want or to try new flavors. Many bakeries find that taking a photo of the best creation of the day is an effective way to increase sales, but don’t forget to show the great variety that your bakery is producing as well. 

Whether you are posting on Instagram or Facebook, you should be doing so frequently, but pay attention to what you’re posting. Are you unsure what post to make? Take a look at our no-obligation guide. Guide to restaurant marketing


Tip #3: Make your profile memorable

You want your profile photo to be memorable. It should be as thoughtfully chosen as a profile picture for a Facebook personal account. It should also match your bakery’s brand. Sometimes, it will simply be a photo of the front door of your bakery. It could also be a picture of the great product that they created. Others may use the logo with marketing materials.

It doesn’t matter which image profile you pick, the message should remain in your mind when customers browse Facebook. It should position your company in a positive light. 


Tip 4: Network with your competitors

It’s good to have some healthy competition. Networking with rival bakeries helps to stimulate creativity. You can also learn from others what has worked and isn’t working. 

It’s also a good idea to seek out and join professional groups and organizations related to both bakery management and food service management. These groups are a great way for professional contacts to be made and exchange information on marketing and other aspects related to bakery management.  


Tip #5 – Use contests to get your sweet tooth lovers excited

Chicago Cupcakes loves playing games with customers. Many of them feature a playful, dessert-themed contestOn their Facebook Page, encourage your fans to participate with sweet incentives for the winners. More Cupcakes is able to get hundreds of people involved in its contests because their games and incentive are fun.

A past game challenged fans to name 30 songs with the word “vanilla” in it. First 30 people to answer correctly were entitled to a free cupcake from the bakery. This makes customers feel more connected and included with the company. It also encourages customer participation, and eventual purchase. 


Tip #6 – Host and follow up on events

Host classes or events at your bakeryThis will allow you to showcase your skills and give you the opportunity to meet customers face-to–face. Mike’s Amazing Cakes offers weekly classes on cake decorating and doesn’t hesitate to use Facebook’s Events tab to post them for everyone to see and RSVP. 


Tip 7: Use Facebook Ads promptly

It is common for customers to need gentle encouragement in order buy a cake for an upcoming event. That is why Facebook is a great place for bakeries.

Facebook marketingIt is important to remember that advertising, particularly with the tools they use, can be a distraction. restaurant marketing tactic that increases awareness for any businesses and is perfect for reminding people that it’s time to order that special pie just in time for that big event.


Analyzing the results of your baking marketing strategy

A food service that was in dire need of an emergency would be grateful. POS system, it’s the old-fashioned bakery. The challenge of running a bakery marketing campaign is just half the job. How do you know if it’s working? Once your bakery has been set up, what can you do to ensure it succeeds? A point-of-sale system is a great way to make your bakery successful.

1. Facilitate high traffic

Customers often feel annoyed when visiting bakeries during holidays or on cold Sunday mornings. Even well-organized bakery shops can become clogged up by 1-2 large orders, slowing down sales.

A proper bakery POS allows bakery employees to walk along a line, take orders, and then bag or box simple requests.

These lines will settle down in minutes and customers will feel more content. The usual Monday madness of the morning will soon turn into a weekend of relaxation. 

Large bakery order

2. Handle large orders

Bakeries generally don’t have express lanes for the coffee and croissant crowd. People with smaller orders are often left behind by those who need enough rainbow marzipan cookies for the US Olympic Team.

It allows users to create large orders according to their specifications using a bakeryPOS system. This reduces the chance of mistakes and leads to quicker lines. In other words, if that cake says “Happy Fraduation, Mihcael” the mistake lies solely on the customer.

(Unless they are celebrating a “fraduation,” in which case your bakery can corner the market on a new holiday.)

3. Reward loyal customers who have been with you for a long time

The neighborhood bakery is like an institution. These are family-run businesses that have the same customers every week and grow together. Isn’t it time you returned the loyalty?

These customers often come to you for your amazing breads and delicious black-and-white cookies. However, regular coupons can help them build trust and goodwill. DiscountsTo possibly encourage them to spread the word.

Their attendance might not change despite your promotional efforts, but it is always good to give back to those who make your business possible. They might even be more inclined to purchase next time.

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