QR Code Ordering: How to Run your Restaurant with Limited Staff

The way you run a restaurant is different. While restaurants around the world have quickly jumped back into the culinary hustle, many have also realized it’s not as simple as picking back up where they left off. With many restaurants operating at maximum capacity, diners are eager to return to their dining areas. However, staffing can be a challenge. As restaurateurs attempt to maintain their business at maximum speed, a once bustling industry is now flooded with job advertisements. It’s safe to say that the age of staffing abundance is currently on pause. 

While it’s too early to tell if and when the industry will get back to its usual rhythm, restaurants are now settling into new challenges and scrambling to figure out solutions. Many see automation as the key to success. Restaurants can save time and money by ordering online or using QR codes. Manpower shortage. So so, that 87% from our Hospitality State of the Industry Report agree that new technology adoption over the last two years has been critical for their business’ survival. 

For restaurants with limited staff, it is essential to discover new ways of automating tasks. In this article we’ll cover the benefits of automating the ordering process and how to use QR and online ordering to keep serving with limited staff. 

Report on the 2021 Global State of the Hospitality Industry

To find out what this year’s changes have meant for restaurant operations, we surveyed more than 2,000 guests and operators to get their feedback. Get more information about today’s hospitality industry.

What does QR code ordering mean?

You can digitize your order process and menu by using QR codes. Customers can access their menus with their phones by scanning QR codes that are placed on tables or counters. Although QR codes were originally introduced in 2020 to cut down on customer contact points, the code has become a key ordering tool for small restaurants. QR codes are often placed on cards, tables and doors of restaurants, as well as in strategically located areas throughout the restaurant.  

Online ordering for restaurants: How do they work? 

Customers can place online orders to have their order picked up, delivered at tableside, or even collected from home. This is possible via any of the many devices that are connected online, including smartphones, computers, and tablets. If integrated with a point-of sale Order onlineRestaurants can see all orders at once and have them managed as part of regular business operations.

To manage the labor shortage, how to order via online and QR codes

  • Reduce third-party fees
  • Allow customers to order via their mobile phones
  • Serving more customers when you have fewer staff
  • Customers first
  • Contactless payment available

Reduce third-party fees

It is possible for third-party service providers to charge high fees. DeliveryYou can also pick up your order. Opting for an online ordering system that’s integrated with your restaurant platformReduces the cost of middlemen and allows you to make more on your investment. Additional income streamsYou can. Reduce costs elsewhere in your company to offer attractive wages that will attract top talent, as there is a lot of competition for staffing. 

Your online ordering system gives you greater control over the appearance and feel of your order platform. Online ordering systems allow you to build your own brand and ensure consistency across platforms. 

Customers can order using their smartphones with the QR code ordering

Orders can be placed directly on your phone using the QR code order feature for dine-in customers. QR code ordering allows customers to order tableside from their phones, making it easy for you to service them in a smaller dining space. Customers can order whatever they like, whenever they wish, and without waiting for a waiter. Customers will also be able to place their orders faster since they won’t have to wait for staff to check in on them. 

Serving more customers when you have fewer staff 

Offering online and QR code ordering lets you handle more orders, even if you’re low on staff. Customers can order online from anywhere they’re located. You can also manage the time you receive deliveries or pick-up orders if you don’t have enough staff. Online ordering allows you to adjust pick-up and prep times for peak hours or during busy shifts. As customers handle the actual ordering themselves, you’ll need less staff on the floor. 

Customers first

Now that your staff doesn’t need to worry about taking orders or payments, they can focus on stepping up customer service, and improving the overall experience for your customers. Orders are received directly from the customers so there’s less chance of human error during busy shifts. Orders can be ordered using QR codes. This ensures that your order arrives exactly as you have requested. Your staff will have to do less work. This will allow your staff to spend more time with customers and make sure that orders arrive on-time. 

Contactless payment available

Online ordering and QR codes allow customers to make payments directly through their mobile phones. The customer can also order the product without having to send staff. Contactless payments can be made from customers’ phones. This will reduce the amount of staff that are required to go around collecting payment terminals and increasing customer satisfaction. Because contactless payments remove all touchpoints between customers and staff, it also increases safety and reduces interaction between employees and customers.  

Small Biz Sense Order Ahead to Boost Your Staffing

It is hard to beat having staff on the front and back, but having integrated online ordering and restaurant platforms will allow you to better manage your operation no matter how far ahead. With Small Biz Sense Order AheadOrder Ahead allows customers to take charge of the ordering process and place orders online. Whether you’re fully staffed or short-handed, Order Ahead lets you automate your ordering process, freeing up staff to perform key functions that focus on the customer experience, rather than order taking. 

Are you looking to increase your workforce’s productivity by introducing online ordering? To learn more, talk to our experts. 


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