How To Create A Landing Page: Thrive Architect Review And Tutorial

Have you ever followed a link on an email you received of from a certain website only to land on a page that wowed you?

Have you clicked on a link on a link from an advertisement for a certain product only to reach a page that inspired you to read more or buy the product?

If you answered YES to the aforementioned questions, chances are you landed on a landing page – and maybe even a landing page built with Thrive Architect.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a dedicated page setup with ONE specific goal in mind.

A good landing page can severe different purposes such as:

  1. Giving away a free opt-in or incentive to grow your email list
  2. Promoting a product or a service you are selling from your website
  3. To give people a place to sign up for an event that you are hosting (Webinars, Workshops, Masterclasses)
  4. Inviting your website visitors to sign up for your email newsletter
  5. Creating multiple invitations for your website visitors to join your email list

How to Create a Landing Page with Thrive Content Builder

Thrive Architect  is one of the most powerful visual editors and landing page creators on the market today!


There are many things that lead to a perfect landing page.  Some of the most important considerations are:

  • The content and copy – your landing page content should be the first thing that you should work toward crafting
  • The branding of the page – you want to brand your landing pages and make them look as professional as you can. Thrive Architect  helps you create stunning landing pages in minutes (even if you don’t have the best web design experience)
  • A strong call to action – is the action that you want your visitors to “take” when they are on your page

Awesome Features and Benefits of Using Thrive Content Builder

With Thrive Architect, you can add all kinds of neat elements to your landing pages like:


  • Responsive columns

The content for your landing page should be well arranged in responsive columns. A single column layout is never a good choice. Go four multi-column layout with every column presenting different content where possible. These columns should be mobile-responsive and colorful.

  • Feature grids

I can’t remember the last time I landed on a page and missed a feature grid. These are an important aspect of a landing page.

  • Table of contents

This is an obvious element of every landing page. People want to easily access content they feel like they need. Provide them a table of contents to ease movement around the site. The Thrive Architect plugin provide table of contents that are auto generated.

  • OptIn Forms

A landing page without proper integration with different email marketing companies is not good enough. Your page should be able to provide this integration and registration/subscription forms in different areas of the content.

Watch this Video to See Thrive Content Builder in Action

Watch this Video to See Thrive Content Builder in Action

  • Responsive Videos

People sometimes prefer video over text copy. Embed for them an exciting yet informative video that they can rely on for all the information they need. These can either be Vimeo, YouTube or even videos that you have hosted on your site.

  • Calls to Action Buttons

These buttons are available to tell you visitors what to do next.  For instance, you can have the Purchase or Add to Cart button appear after a video or slideshow.

  • Attractive styles, content boxes and lists

Thrive themes will present you with plenty of choices for elements in your page. These style families will blend well with the themes you choose and the brand you are pushing. The styles are also available for the content boxes.

  • Timers and countdowns

People will sometime access your pain, have interest on something then put it to off to a certain date. They sometime forget, or even miss, if offers or clearance sales are meant to last for a certain period. For these reason you need to incorporate countdowns and timers for different purposes.

Thrive Content Builder Landing Page Templates

Thrive Content Builder Landing Page Templates

Thrive Content Builder has all the above mentioned features. There is not one thing that you will require on your page and lack it on Thrive Architect, see the review.

Thrive themes and templates have all the above features of a perfect Landing Page considered and presented in an easy to use yet user friendly interface that enables you to add your content and customize it to your satisfaction within the shortest imaginable time.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.