Billing and Invoicing Apps – Small Business Owners Weigh In (2019)

The other day on Google+ I asked some fellow members of an Entrepreneurial community what invoicing and billing applications they were using in their business. Here is what they replied back with:

Billing and Invoicing Apps

It’s safe to say from this feedback the majority of them are using Quickbooks for their online accounting and billing systems.

However, I am currently using Invoicely – which in my opinion is an amazing free billing application. This leads me to the topic of today’s blog post:

What are some of the best billing and invoicing applications for Small Business?

Here are my top 5 picks: 

1. Envoice – is a classic example of doing one thing, and doing it well.

When it comes to creating and managing invoices, there are genuinely few tools that make the process as quick and painless as Envoice. Their UX is also something which separates them from the competition.


Integration with the major global payment providers: PayPal, Square, Payoneer, Stripe;

Custom branding;

Recurring invoices;

Support of multiple currencies;

Multiple tax settings;

Data security and safety;

Automatic reminders;

Price: FREE for 14 days, after that 3 pricing plans are available:



Sell online:$25

1.5 Invoicely – Thus far, this application is “numero uno” on my list for small business billing and invoicing apps.

It’s a cloud accounting application (meaning you can access your account from anywhere in the world) as long as you have an internet connection. 


Features Include: 

  •   Invoices are sent via email 
  •   Manage and tracking of all invoices from a single dashboard 
  •    Ability to accept online credit card payments using our PayPal account 
  •    You can send unlimited invoices to unlimited clients for free 
  •    Automatic and recurring invoice features available 
  •    You can send and receive invoices using your Android, IPhone and IPad 
  •    Send invoices to your clients as PDF’s via email

Price: $FREE

2. Wave Accounting – I’ve just recently discovered this cloud accounting application. It too is free for use.

Wave Accounting

Features Include:
   • Invoices are sent via email
   • Ability to accept online credit card payments
   • Payment tracking for partial payments and overdue invoices
   • Includes automated reminders on late payments
Price: $FREE

3. Quickbooks (Intuit) – The most popular and widely recognized billing and invoicing application for small businesses. Quickbooks is currently the #1-rated small business financial software. Most of the professional CPAs and bookkeepers prefer to adopt cloud accounting by Hosting QuickBooks Enterprise on Citrix Xendesktop VDI to remotely work on Invoicing, Payroll and in-depth financial data analysis by integrating QuickBooks with MS Power bi Pro for accounting audits.



   • Ability to access and update your invoices from a single dashboard
   • Send automated invoices to your customers
   • Accepts Credit Card Payments via your invoices
   • Sales and Expense Tracking
   • Features that allow you to pay your employees

Price: $12.95 per month for 1 user

4. FreshBooks – The #1 “Cloud Accounting App” for Small Businesses. FreshBooks is definitely a leader in not only cloud accounting, but offers top notch customer support.

Freshbooks Cloud Accounting

   • Send and receive invoices from anywhere in the world
   • Accept credit card payments via twelve payment gateways: PayPal, Authorize.net, PSI Gate, BluepayGo, ITransact, First Data, 2Co,Google Checkout, and more
   • Setup recurring and automated invoices
   • Schedule late payment reminders
   • Timesheet tracking available for your employees
   • Expense reporting
   • Send invoices to your clients as PDF’s

Price: FREE for 30 days, $19.95 per month for unlimited invoicing 

5. Blinksale – An additional rock star cloud based billing application for small businesses. I have used this application before and it really is very nice and easy to use.

Blinksale App
   • Management of your invoices from a single dashboard
   • Customizable invoice templates
   • Setup recurring invoice and automated payments
   • Send invoices to your clients as PDF’s via email
   • Send estimates to your prospective customers for projects
   • Accept online credit card payments

Price: $15.00 per month for unlimited invoicing

So tell us, what online invoicing apps are you guys using in your business? I would love for you to share that info with us. Thanks!

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.

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Hi There, I use aynax. Costs 10/month but connects to my PayPal account (so can accept credit as well) and tells me when customers have viewed my invoice. Been happy with the service.

    Kim George


    Thanks so much for sharing. Really appreciate it.

    Lidl Krauf

    The list is little bit outdated (Invoicable was renamed to Invoicely over 3 years ago)

      Adam Hansen

      I’ve just updated the post to reflect that change, thanks Lidl

Jon Chery

invoiceable is a nice accounting solution, However in my experience Waveapps has been far more superior I’m suprised it made it to #2.

Thanks for the list, I might give Blinksale a try in my unending quest of finding the best invoicing service.


Hey there Jon. Thanks so much for commenting. I have recently learned about Wave Accounting so I may have to give it a test drive to see what it’s all about. Please let me know your thoughts on the Blinksale application.

John William

Nice article !
Finally, small businesses are getting the attention they deserve. I’d like to suggest cheking Invoicera, a web-based accounting and invoicing application. It’s advanced features like invoice scheduling, late fee, recurring invoices, multiple payment gateways makes it more suitable for businesses.

Jay M

Nice Content!

I would like to add on more accounting tool with great feature list like icloud, time tracking, auto numbering , estimates, purchase orders, customers, vendors, payment receipts and multiple companies support- 22 Professional PDF templates. and Many more.


If you are looking for an online invoicing
software with beautiful invoice templates, you should give Clouodbooks a shot.
Once you set it up, it’ll automatically send the payment reminders and
recurring invoices. You can send personalized notifications to your customers
and even receive online payments. Sign up for free and check out if it fits
your needs


Thanks to share this nice and informative post on the billing and invoicing applications. This is very helpful for me and the persons who are searching for the Invoice Billing Software.


This is really a nice and informative post about Billing Software For Small Business and invoice software.
Software. Thanks to share this nice information with us.

Braden Bills

I want to make sure that it’s easy for me to get my bills paid. It’s interesting that there are ways to do that online! That’s definitely worth looking into.

James Borst

My niece is working in the billing department for a hospital and she told me that there is a software that they use to manage to invoice for insurance and patients. I appreciate that the Blinksale software can send an invoice to the customers as a PDF. I imagine that if I worked in the medical industry as a physician, I would prefer medical billing services.

Monika Goel

Great list Adam! Invoices and billing are essential for any small business owner to keep track of their finances. And, I feel QuickBooks works efficiently to help with organizing the accounting data. In fact, the tax filing process becomes smoother and faster as all the invoices and bills saved in a single place.


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