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United Healthcare Introduces a One-Stop Shop to Choosing Healthcare Coverage for Small Businesses

The following is a sponsored post! All views and opinions are my own….

More than 27 million small businesses exist in the United States. According to the Office of Advocacy for the US Small Business Administration. United healthcare small business health insurance just got a face-lift…and is now easier than ever to choose healthcare premiums for your business.

(http://www.itbusinessedge.com/blogs/smb-tech/sba-releases-new-statistics-on-small-businesses-in-the-u.s..html), over 56 million individuals are employed by those establishments.

In a time where small business owners are constantly meeting the demand of an evolving market and their consumer base, it is imperative that these CEOs take care of the hard-working folks who help their companies operate day in and day out.

Insert UnitedHealthcare, one of the country’s leading healthcare providers. UHC is looking to help small businesses meet their employees’ health and financial needs by offering affordable and customized health plan options.

Small businesses can now expect an easy-to-use streamlined online experience when shopping for and finalizing plans for their company.

While UnitedHealthCares new online tool is currently only available in 15 states, its innovative approach to buying health insurance is time-saving, hassle-free and caters to the specific wants, needs and budgets of small businesses and their staff.

Getting Coverage with United Healthcare Small Business Health Insurance is Easy As 1…2…3

UHC’s new online avenue for small business owners works to their brand’s advantage in more ways than one. From the initial setup, the online portal’s interface is user-friendly and makes selecting healthcare packages as easy as swiping a credit card after a transaction.

In just three easy steps, owners can plug in their wants and employees’ information and confirm the company’s contribution and be on their way to providing healthcare plans.

Step One

is where business owners get to call the shots by determining the benefits they will offer in their customized plans. No need to only provide a sole choice as employees know healthcare coverage is just like running their business—no customer is the exactly same.

Once the benefits have been selected, a summary will be provided of the makeup of health plans available for selection, the price range employees will pay as well as the number of providers, hospitals and specialists within the network. One practically gets a snapshot of coverage options in minutes.


Step Two

This is designed to tell UnitedHealthcare who the employees are being covered. UHC makes this step easy by providing business owners with the option to insert employee demographics manually or by importing the data through Microsoft Excel, QuickBooks or Xero.

Once this information has been stored, UHC’s tool does the configurations behind the scene and provides an update of pricing options. Just another seamless step in a streamlined process.


Step Three

Gives you the last variable to the small yet important equation of running a successful small business. It’s all about the budget. With the final step, employers determine what they are willing and can afford to pay monthly for the coverage their providing to employees.


This can be set based on cost per employee or an average percentage contribution. Before everything is confirmed, business owners can adjust their contribution to packages as they see fit.

No Guessing Around

Shopping for insurance can be complicated.  From one’s location to number of dependents to past history, companies want to know it all before they can provide a potential customer with coverage options.

The downfall to that however, is the simple fact that the coverage options outlined at the end of the extensive Q & A segment concludes with estimated prices. One of the rewarding benefits to UHC’s online experience is the pricing options listed in real time.

This allows business owners to see firsthand their fixed rate payout and the rate paid by their employees based on the selected plan.

Employers and staff members see up-to-date premiums every time they make adjustments to the coverage selections and are free from any additional fees being tacked on upon locking in their choice of plan.

Help in a Click

UnitedHealthcare isn’t expecting small business owners to be experts in selecting healthcare options, especially if this is their first establishment.


That’s why owners can take advantage of the how-to guides, videos and coverage advisor to assist them through the three-step process of setting up insurance options.

Time is money and entrepreneurs need every moment of the day to run their show and build their brand. UHC’s resources allow for them to skip any lengthy automated phone calls and get the immediate assistance needed.

Ready When You Are

Selecting healthcare coverage is a very important decision for any business owner to make. UHC provides the tools to get things rolling but also offer the option to complete the final purchase of insurance coverage at a later time.

Employers can provide the necessary information throughout the three step process, however, if they’re not ready to submit their request, they can create an account and return to the portal at anytime to provide business and payment information and finalize the order. There’s no pressure, just assurance with quality insurance.

No Frills, Just the Real Deal

The beauty of UHC’s online setup is that small business owners can control what benefits are included in their healthcare packages and their employees can take the wheel from there.

Many insurance companies already provide numerous benefits that go unused by insured parties. With customizable plans hand-picked by owners, employees can select a plan that fits the mold for their personal life and the needs of their families, and it’s no extra cost to the employer. Everybody wins.

Yes, Less Really Means More

UnitedHealthcare Group was named Fortune’s No. 1 “World’s Most Admired Companies” in the insurance and managed care sector in 2015 (https://www.m.prod-app.uhc.com/employer/why-unitedhealthcare), so they understand the value of the customer.

With initiates like their new online shopping and purchasing tool for small businesses, their goal is to make providing healthcare as painless as possible. Small business owners already have their hands full with running their company and oftentimes having to do so with minimal resources and team members.

This tool only requires three steps that will take business owners from offering no coverage to at most 27 healthcare plans (in select states) to their employees in a duration of time that would not interrupt the flow of the average operational business day.

So head on over to check out this fantastic new one-stop shop for small business insurance that UnitedHealthcare is offering!


Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.