Twitter for Business: How To Advertise on Twitter?

In the last few years, Twitter has been showing us some impressive results, especially when it comes to sharing breaking news and the increase in ad engagement. 

Twitter ad engagement has increased by 27% over time. Besides, it has already amassed a total of 206 million monetizable daily active users.

With this information, brands are increasingly using Twitter as it has an audience ready for advertising content. 

Twitter advertising is an opportunity to promote your brand to a new audience or user base that might be interested in your product. 

The advantage of Twitter ads is that they are cheap, highly targeted, and tailored to your audience. It is not surprising that ads viewership on Twitter is 26% higher compared to other social media platforms.

In this guide, we will look at how to advertise your brand on Twitter. But, first, let’s talk about the three different advertising solutions you will find useful when advertising on Twitter.

  1. Promoted tweets

These are the most common Twitter ad campaigns used for brand awareness, product promotion, or lead generation

They are similar to regular tweets, maybe text, images, or videos, and users can like, retweet, or reply to them. They appear in users’ profiles, timelines, or search results and are labeled “promoted” at the bottom.


Use promoted tweets if you want to increase engagement or expand your reach beyond your normal follower base. 

  1. Promoted accounts

Promoted accounts aim to increase your Twitter followers. They are usually accounts or individuals you are not following but might find interesting and wish to follow. 

Promoted accounts can be displayed in multiple locations: search results, a user’s home page, a good twitter profile home feed, and even on the “who you follow” box. 

They are easily distinguished from other types of recommended accounts. You can use them when targeting users from a specific locale. Here are some companies that have invested in promoted accounts.

  1. Promoted trends

The most expensive type of Twitter ads are promoted trends. They run for 24 hours. You will see them in the Explore tab under the “Trends for you” section. You can also see them on the “What’s Happening” module on 

Promoted trends or trend takeovers are visible to all users, unlike the promoted accounts and tweets that only target specific users. They are ideal when launching something new or promoting a big event. 

Use them with a specific hashtag to get people talking about your brand. Here’s an example from DisneyPlus.


How can your business advertise on Twitter?

  1. Create a Twitter ad account

You can’t use Twitter ads without first setting up an advertising account. To do so, log in to the account you want to promote your tweets from and go to 

If it is a new account, you may first need to fill in the details of your country and time zones; otherwise, proceed to the next section by clicking the let’s go button. Creating a Twitter ads account grants you access to many features, including the ability to track and measure results. 

  1. Determine your campaign objective

In this section, you need to determine whether you want more engagement, drive traffic to your site, or more app downloads? You will find on this page the objectives divided into awareness, consideration, and conversion. 

  1. Fill in your campaign details

The reason for choosing a campaign objective is to determine what to pay for. For example, if you had chosen to increase conversion, you will be taken to a campaign setup screen to name your campaign, funding source, your daily and overall budget, and whether to start the campaign right away or later. 

The good thing about Twitter ads is when it comes to filling in your daily and overall budget, there is no minimum budget. Thus, you can set any amount you want your campaign to spend. After which, click the next button. 

  1. Set your ad group and bidding

Once you have arrived at the ads group setup page, you will be prompted to name your ad group, fill in details on your total ad group budget, preferred campaign start and end time, goal, and bid strategy. 

Consider checking the autobid box and let Twitter automatically maximize your campaign results at the lowest bid. 

  1. Define your target audience

Once you are done setting your ad group, scroll down and fill in details about your demographic and how you will target people. The advantage of selecting a target audience is to spend more time serving your best customers and maximize your results. 

There are four options for setting your target audience. You may choose your audience based on demographic, location, custom audiences, or audience type.

  1. Demographic targeting: this is where you define your target audience based on age, gender, language, location, or device. 
  1. Location targeting: ideal if you want to reach users from a given location. You may also target such users by device, telecom carrier, or OS version. 
  1. Custom audiences: recommended if you want to find and target your existing audiences among Twitter users. You can set up a custom audience by uploading a list of people from your email list, website activity, or app activity. 
  1. Audience type: this may be optional, but it is still important. It allows you to serve ads based on keywords, follower look-alike, interests, movies or tv shows, events, and important conversations.
  1. Decide where your ads will appear

Where your ads will appear will depend on your campaign goal and ad type. It can be in profiles, search results, user’s timeline, or tweet detail page. 

Once you have selected where you want your ads to appear, scroll down and complete details on app categories and app website domain in the Twitter Audience Platform (TAP) section. 

The TAP is highly recommended if you want to amplify the reach of your Twitter ads. It guarantees that your ads are displayed not only on Twitter timelines but also on other mobile apps on the TAP. 

Consider also completing details about your creatives (text, images, videos, GIFs, or cards) to determine what works best for your brand. Then, click the next button when happy with the information you have given.

  1. Review and launch your campaign

This is now the final stage where you confirm everything is in order. If you are happy with the information in your campaign form, click the launch campaign button and begin advertising. 

Over to you

As mentioned before, people on Twitter are ready for advertising content. If you follow the above step correctly, you should be able to increase your fanbase, improve engagement, or boost your business sales. 

Another factor to consider is always to track and measure your results. Collect information on what’s working and what’s not, and use that information to direct or optimize your Twitter advertising strategy. 

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