7 Effective Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers

Twitter is a powerful social media site. If well used, it will build connections and generate leads for you. Research shows that 36% of marketers in business have gained their customers through Twitter. That is a huge figure, considering all the big social media sites around. If you want to experience similar Twitter benefits, then you need a good percentage of active followers. You can use social media management tools like Social 10x and Circle Boom to increase your followers quickly. However, if you want to do the work all by yourself, then here are seven effective ways to increase your twitter followers.

  1. Share Interesting Knowledge Freely

If you are looking to escalate your twitter followers, then sharing your experience is the right thing to do. You should be able to respond publicly to some of the topics of interest to your followers. Using Twitter tools that are designed to help you increase your Twitter following organically are one of the best ways to find a receptive audience. By connecting with those that are most likely to be interested not only in your products but also your content. Also, when commenting, it is fitting to mention the person/s who asked. This will enable you to get more retweets. Listen to relevant conversations on your page. Furthermore, you should keenly go through the views of other Twitter users commenting on your brand, products or tweets.

  1. Participate in Twitter Chats

Chats are one of the best ways of engaging people. You should be able to spare your time and go through some of their views. For sure, going through the opinions and replying the necessary comments builds a good relationship. Moreover, the relationship expands to your follower’s friends and even family. Consequently, you are familiarized to even more people. Importantly, you should always follow those people that you find in your chats. Besides, they are likely to follow you back because of that.

  1. Link Your Twitter Profile to Your Other Social Media

If you want to increase your followers, then you can ask your email subscribers to follow you on twitter. Additionally, there are plenty of social media sites, whereby, you can entice people to follow you. Through these social Media, you should be creative if you want people to follow you. Tell people some of the fantastic things they expect to find in your twitter handles. If you manage to entice people well, then you probably will get an increase in your twitter followers. You can grow your Twitter following with automation tools like Somiibo’s free twitter bot. Automating your social media marketing will save you time and allow you to focus on creating more content.

  1. Use Your Real Photo

You need to be open in your twitter profile if you want to get more twitter followers. No one would be interested in following you if you do not have your real photo as your profile pic. People want to see the face behind the account. Equally, your picture has a significant impact on what people think about and your brand. It is also a confirmation that your twitter handle is genuine and reliable since you have nothing to hide.

  1. Retweet

For you to have your follower’s attention, then you need to retweet other peoples content. You should also pin your favorite tweet on the top of your stream, thereby, making your profile presentable in enticing more people to follow you. In the same way, ensure that the numbers of retweets you make are not in a surge, as this will work contrary to your objectives.

  1. Post Informative or Engaging Content

If you want to get an increase in Twitter followers then there some of the things that you need to avoid. Posting what you have taken for lunch and your opinions on some matters are not beneficial. You should post things that have relevant content. As a result, people can chat about your post and retweet your content. In many cases, inspirational and motivational content is perfect in getting retweets. The most important thing is to find people who resonate well with your content. They will be your core, so keep them entertained.

  1. Use Twitter Cord More

The simple twitter cord in your site is essential in maintaining a relationship to your followers. Moreover, you should be able to search and find twitter users who have the same opinion and share the same interest. Follow those people who have good content similar to yours. This action will show that you care a lot about other people’s opinion and they might follow you back.

Twitter can help you build connections with your prospects. However, if you have no followers, then you are limited to many benefits.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.