Great Tips to Enhance Your Email List

Marketing with email lists remains one of the best ROI strategies on the internet. Some experts put it as high as forty dollars worth of business for every dollar spent on emails. This being the case, it just makes sense to work your email lists as hard and as efficiently as you can to squeeze the very last bit of profit out of them. So here’s what the experts advise when advertising/marketing with email lists:

Never buy an email list from a third party

You’ve never heard of a money-back guarantee on email list purchases — and there’s a good reason for that. They are uniformly out of date and nearly useless. Just give the whole idea a pass and save your money and time.

Do, however, get an email service provider

This is not an expense, it’s an investment that will start paying immediate dividends the moment you start using it. Look for a service provider that can send automated yet personalized welcome email messages within minutes of receiving your order. Make sure they understand and implement behavior and demographics segmentation. Also double check to make sure they have a variety of sign up forms and are able to shoot these varieties to as many different lists as possible in the shortest time possible.

Fresh! Fresh! Fresh!

How often have you changed your business email address this past year? On average it happens at least once a year, so you can imagine how crucial it is to keep your email lists accurately updated at all times. Never assume an email address is still in use if you haven’t used it in a few weeks. Keep on top of this and your email lists will always bring in a healthy percentage of engagement.

Every page and site associated with your business should have a prominent and easy to use sign up blank for email addresses. The better your sites are managed, the more email list sign ups you’re going to get. It’s just that simple!

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.