Five Marketing Tactics to Reach Your Target Audience

There is nothing magical about marketing; you don’t get it right by mere guessing. It takes purpose, hard work and most of all skill. The primary purpose of marketing is to find the right audience. The best strategy involves a proper understanding of your target audience. No single magical solution will provide you with the answer to all of your marketing needs. Hence you need to pay attention to this article.

Whether we do the right thing or not, social media is here to stay. Hence we all need to do our best to understand how it operates to get the best of it.

As a manager or business owner, here are five tactics that you could use to reach out to your target audience.

Create a Personal Brand

The very moment you understand the importance of rebranding, you will begin to see the value in a personal level. However, currently, there are professional network sites that can help you build your brand. For example, LinkedIn, according to a survey by the Pew Research Center, attracts 50% of Americans with a college degree.

Register and promptly update your LinkedIn profile; then use it to network yourself to influential persons in the industry you specialize in. This is an essential tool you could use to connect with prospective clients and partners for your business. You can go after the kind of audience you want for your network on LinkedIn, register and thank me later.

Use Online Communities

Almost everyone is on Facebook. ‘Facebook’ is now a popular term among persons across all age and race hence it should not be ignored. Since a Facebook recent change in algorithm, there is a decline in organizing reach from Facebook pages. Hence it is advisable to use the Facebook groups instead. It is a beautiful place to build your brand and engage with people in the same community of work that you do.

As soon as you create a group, try to educate people about what you do and not selling your services or product; let them feel you are interested in their needs. As you give your lectures freely, then you can at the end of these lectures offer services for one-on-one coaching services. This is a great way to begin.

Be a Smart Investor

Daily, our social media platforms are now becoming a pay to play forum. Research made by the 4C Insights states that the budget spent on Instagram Ads increased by 55% quarterly. In spite of all these, Ads are still quite cheap; you can carry out an effective and without spending so much.

Use Video to tell your story

The use of video is increasing yearly. Everyone wants to watch something exciting, something that stirs them up. Every news feed on Facebook and LinkedIn are filled with one person trying to impress his audience with a video or another.

Hence, create short videos to share your testimonials of your customers, offer business tips, advice and all of that. Ensure that the video content is engaging and ensure to address something that is important to your customers.

You can use your smartphones to create these videos, and you don’t need anything too elaborate; ensure to address a point in each video and not to delve into several things, by this, there is a chance of making a short and exciting video.

Empower your employees to be Brand Ambassadors

Creating a team is a necessary step in helping your brand stand out. Most of your team members are already on social media; hence it will be a smart thing to encourage them to be your brand ambassador. Once a business is people focused then there is a high chance for it to become more appealing to customers and partners.

It is understandable when marketing begins to feel like a lot of work. But don’t be overwhelmed, start with any of these tactics listed out here and implement them right away. When you follow consistently, then you will surely get the beautiful effect you have always wanted. Also, you can allow mediagroup to handle your Ad campaign for you, and all you have to do is just watch and monitor your exciting results.


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Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.