Tips on Keeping Yourself Entertained When You Are Trying to Break Free From the Screen

Over the last two centuries, human civilization advanced technology tremendously. Two hundred years ago, the majority of the population still formed for a living. Today nearly the entire population of the United States has a smartphone in their pocket. The various effects of technology are difficult to isolate. However, one thing is exact. There are both benefits and drawbacks in technology.

 Pros and Cons of Technology 

There has been a rise of technology over the years and with its many benefits there are also some downfalls of how technology can affect many of our lives.

Convenience and Usability

  • Convenience and usability are some of the great benefits of technology. Tasks that once took a great deal of time can be easily completed in a fraction of the time. Tasks such as doing all of your Christmas shopping online or comparing various Dominion Energy Utility providers for the best rate are much easier due to technology. This not only saves time but it can save a great deal of stress as well. One downfall of this convenience and speed is that it can lead to people becoming more lazy and impatient. People may not know how to complete certain tasks without the help of technology or may become extremely irritated if the technology is not working properly or is moving at a slower pace. There is a sort of dependability on technology that can lead to people not wanting to learn how to do certain things without it.

Staying Connected

  • Technology has made it possible to stay connected with people who live both near and far. You can stay connected in real time rather than having to wait for a piece of mail to be delivered. We all saw what happened to Romeo and Juliet – technology could have saved them. In all seriousness, technology can keep you connected to your loved ones but it also can make it harder to make personal real-life interactions with others. People may feel more safe behind the screen which can create social anxiety when dealing with real life interactions. In many cases, children and adults alike spend a tremendous amount of time using some form of technology. It is an addiction that often goes unnoticed and is hard to break.

 Tech Addiction and How to Break Free 

It is possible to become addicted to technology in the same way you get addicted to anything else. It feels rewarding to the brain when you use technology. These rewards can hijack your decision-making.

Dopamine and Technology:

Dopamine is an important neurotransmitter. It is implicated in the pathology of addiction. When you use technology, your brain releases dopamine. Eventually, you begin to crave that dopamine and compulsively use electronics.

The Psychology of Addiction:

Once you understand how addiction works, it is easier to get control of it. The number one thing that you will need is time. It would be best if you unlearned the associations that your brain has with the technology. Then, you can form new healthy habits to take the place of your tech addiction.

 Ideas to Keep Yourself Entertained Without the Screen 

It may seem impossible to stop using electronics because of  boredom. Electronics are so stimulating that it can be challenging to entertain yourself without them. Here are some of our favorite ideas to stave off the boredom when you stop using electronics.

Go Outside:

Spending time outside is one of the best ways to break your technology addiction. When you go out in nature, there are many health benefits. The sun helps your body to produce vitamin D. You can also get some exercise. Plus, best of all, it does not cost you anything.

Socialize with Friends:

Humans are social creatures. Social media may convince you that it is an adequate replacement for socialization. They are wrong. Go and spend some time with your friends without any screens. It will be suitable for all of you.


Novelty is essential for human beings, as well. If you go too long without experiencing anything new, it is easier to become depressed. We recommend traveling at least once a year, so you always get to see something new. It will be most effective if you go somewhere new each time you travel.

Card and Board Games:

Finally, board games and card games have been popular throughout history. They have been popular for a reason. They do not cost much, and you can socialize while you are playing them. They even give you an excellent mental workout. It is a great way to ease your screen time.

 Staying Off of the Screen Without Getting Bored   

It is possible to get off of the screen without succumbing to boredom. However, you must have a plan. The tips that we have previously mentioned are just the start. Everyone will have something that they love to do that does not involve electronics. Listen to your heart. It will not help you try to follow someone else’s guide if it does not fit your personality. Try anything that you think could help.

Heron Nelson

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