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Recovering from Ransomware Attacks: Essential Steps for Data Restoration

Ransomware attacks have become a full-blown crisis, crippling businesses, and shattering reputations. Recent research suggests that ransomware attacks cost the global economy US$ 20 billion in 2021. And that figure is expected to balloon to US$ 265 billion by 2031.  But moving away from the number, what happens after the ransomware attack. How do businesses […]

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Finding the Right SEO Agency for Your Startup

When launching your startup, you may find yourself navigating a digital landscape filled with opportunities and challenges. As more commercial activity shifts online, you will likely realize the crucial role of search engine optimization (SEO) in business growth. Statistics show that 64% of marketers actively invest time in SEO development. But as a startup owner […]

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How Technology Shaped the Modern Gig Landscape

The concept of the “gig economy” refers to a growing trend where businesses prefer to hire individuals for short-term contracts or “gigs”, rather than long-term commitments. People, in turn, are increasingly leaning towards taking up multiple contracts, catering to diverse clients, as opposed to staying tethered to a single organization. The burning question remains: Did […]

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Spotlight on Top Steel Companies

ArcelorMittal is one of the world’s leading steel and mining companies. Established in 2006 as a result of the merger between Arcelor and Mittal Steel, the company offers a range of products including DIY steel building kits. With an industrial presence in 18 countries, ArcelorMittal covers all aspects of steel production, from mining to the […]

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Guide to Spotlight Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor spotlighting is ideal for creating ambiance, illuminating your favorite landscaping elements, or increasing security at home during the nighttime. Depending on your needs, this guide will help you choose the right spotlight and use it effectively. Understanding Outdoor Spotlighting Outdoor spotlighting is a special type of outdoor lighting designed to attract attention to a […]

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Visitor Policy Procedures for Schools

To enhance the safety of your students and staff, we advise that you implement a badging system for all individuals visiting your school. Ken Trump, President & CEO of the National School Safety & Security Services, underscores the importance of this measure, stating that “requiring visitor identification should be a standard practice across all educational […]

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