Reasons Why Posters and Signage Matters

Due to the pandemic, face-to-face interaction becomes very limited. Everyone was shocked, especially companies that are just starting to emerge in the market. What will happen in promoting the business, and it happened, COVID? Biggest marketing platforms such as trade shows are prohibited. So, what is next?

We should create ways to continue to advertise our products and services despite COVID. Many business owners are now using posters and signage to easily get the attention of the target customers, even without social interaction. These are an eye-catchy form of marketing in growing today’s business. More than that, posters and signage are useful for many years even after COVID.

Producing a large scale of these marketing tools is made easier and quicker by modern technology. Several mediums are to choose from to make your brand visible in the eye of the prospects. So even if social interactions are not allowed, you can still reach out to potential customers. What happens next? Large and small companies can keep going.

To keep noticeable

Posters and signage are a great way for your branding to stay visible in your area. They are an effective way to clearly describe what a business offers. The first thing shoppers will notice is the products and services you offer. Then, the market will remember your name through visually engaging signage.

For example, is vehicle signage that consists of the company’s name and contact details for everyone to know.

Local businesses such as signage Perth will provide assistance in marketing your brand. It demands a cost for once which other business owners are afraid of taking risks. The paid cost will bring profit over the lifetime, but it takes time. Several businesses have earned potential clients by just driving along the road with signage printed on a car. Anyone can keep going even if COVID just happens.  

To Show-off a Business

Trade shows will be back soon and this is a nice platform to make your business stand out in a wider market. If you have been in an industry exhibition, you will be surrounded by colorful banners or posters. These are companies’ ways to attract visitors to go over their booth. Marketing has become a battle of creativity these days, just to let you know.

Format printing should be enlarged to literally stand out in the show. Add up colorful designs, your company logo, and contact details which will help customers to find your business. Some companies use banners that can be easily moved around the area. Nonetheless, posters, signage, or banners work well to show-off your business.

Another thing that matters during a trade show is floor graphics. People are not just looking upon the floating signage but also down there. Using floor graphics can leave the visitors astounded that you might keep them as potential customers.

Even if there are no trade shows happening at the moment, using signage is still possible in front of the store. Larger prints are better for people with poor eyesight who manage to see your products and services.

A Call-to-Action

Printed signs are to be seen anywhere by anyone at any time. Having one does not make sense without turning people to become your potential buyers. First, signage helps to gain brand visibility and your next goal is to be the center of attraction.

Catching prospective attention is good, it will surely happen anyways. But, calling them to do an action would be better for your business. Encourage them to take action like visiting the business’ website, physical store, or just to get a special offer.

Next to consider is the right places where to put the posters and signage. The purpose here is to attract a particular target market. If you are about to sell food, one of the best places is a bus station where hungry commuters dwell. Identify what kind of people roam around the particular spot, and if you think they can be your potential customers, then add some posters.

Different Types of Marketing Collateral

Other than posters and signage, there are four more marketing collateral to consider. That includes:


Banners are mentioned as commonly used for trade shows. They are easy to hang around which makes the show easily attract visitors.

Canvas Printing

It is an image printed on a canvas ready to hang on the wall. Most people appreciate more an image rather than just texts. This is an artistic way of promoting a business.

Plan Printing

Plan printing is intended for architectural projects. It is a hard copy of a digital plan which is précised, resizable, and professionally presented.

Decals and Stickers

These two differ in application. Stickers are a printed label with adhesive for sticking purposes. Decals, on the other hand, are printed on a special paper that can be transferred onto another surface.


COVID happened however promoting your business is still possible. Marketing tools are advancing nowadays, thanks to technology. Posters and signage are introduced and even used before the pandemic takes place. However, they become more useful today to follow the protocols of social distancing in reaching out to potential customers. Some other form of marketing tools exists such as banners, canvas printing, plan printing, and decals and stickers. 

To make a business stand out is one of the benefits of posters and signage. Making your products and services visible demands a cost with lifetime results. A well-made poster and signage will require you to pay extra to get better results.

Buddy Karimi

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