The Beauty and Significance of Decembers Birthstones

December is a month filled with joy, celebration, and togetherness as people all around the globe usher in the holiday season. With so much excitement in the air, it is only fitting that this magical month is represented by two equally enchanting gemstones: Tanzanite and Turquoise. These stunning gems, available in our mesmerizing Birthstone Collection of birthstone jewelry, capture the cool blue hues of winter while embodying unique qualities that are believed to bring positivity, serenity, protection, and good fortune. Explore our captivating selection of birthstone jewelry at DandX and discover the perfect piece to celebrate the beauty of December in style.

An Introduction to Tanzanite

Tanzanite was first discovered in Tanzania – hence its name – in 1967, near Mount Kilimanjaro. Its particular shade of blue appealed to Henry Platt – former president of Tiffany & Co., who anticipated this gem would steal peoples hearts all over the world. Since then, Tanzanite has become one of the most sought-after gemstones globally thanks to its vibrant color and exclusivity.

Though found in only one place on Earth – Tanzania – tanzanite radiates an otherworldly beauty that entrances those fortunate enough to discover it. Displaying a range of blues from light lavender to deep indigo with subtle violet undertones, it boasts immense depth and richness when viewed from different angles.

Tanzanites Alleged Benefits

Beyond mere aesthetic value, tanzanite is believed to possess certain spiritual benefits as well. Some say it helps activate higher consciousness by connecting the mind to a higher frequency, encouraging elevated thinking and spiritual growth. It has also been attributed with properties that promote inner peace, profound insights, generate awareness, and improve communication skills.

Moreover, it is said that tanzanite can help its wearers cope with change by allowing them to adapt smoothly during stressful transitions. This gem is thought to mitigate anxiety and negative energies, giving wearers the resilience they need to take on lifes inevitable challenges.

An Introduction to Turquoise

Turquoises history runs much deeper than tanzanite – this ancient stone has been highly prized by many cultures for thousands of years due to its beautiful blue-green hue. Found in various parts of the world such as Iran, Egypt, China, and the United States (primarily Arizona), turquoise has long captivated humanity with its vibrant signature color.

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Apollo – the Greek god of knowledge and artistic inspiration – is said to have owned a magnificent statue adorned with sparkling turquoise gems. This captivating stone was also prevalent throughout ancient Egypt: Pharaohs often incorporated it into their extravagant jewelry collections while Egyptian priests used it for ceremonial purposes. Even artifacts from ancient Mesoamerican civilizations exhibit masterfully crafted turquoise pieces.

Turquoises Alleged Benefits

Just like tanzanite, turquoise is believed to hold a wealth of advantages for those who wear it. Its most famous benefit lies in its potential ability to bestow protection upon the wearer. Known as a “master healer,” turquoise is said to balance and align all chakras in the body. People have long associated this gemstone with health and well-being due in part to its soothing colors reminiscent of calm seas or clear skies.”

The calming aura surrounding this gem supposedly helps dispel negative energies thereby making way for clarity in thoughts and decisions – a trait many have found valuable throughout history. Apart from these benefits, turquoise is believed to strengthen bonds of friendship, instilling loyalty and trust among companions.

Symbolism And Gift Giving Potential

Gifting Tanzanite or Turquoise as December birthday presents is not only fashionable but also conveys a powerful message imbued with meaning. Gifting tanzanite is likened to offering the recipient guidance in achieving spiritual growth, mental clarity, and emotional bliss. Conversely, giving turquoise symbolizes protection and goodwill as the wearer embarks on their journey through life.

Moreover, gifting these gemstones comes across as a meaningful well-aligned gesture with the holiday season – a time of enriching our connections with loved ones and reflecting on our place in the world. Therefore, presenting tanzanite or turquoise during this period reaffirms your best wishes for their health, safety, success, and joyous life experience.


In conclusion, Decembers birthstones possess unique beauty that extends beyond physical appearance by providing wearers with meaningful experiences beyond aesthetics. These timeless gems cater to both the eyes and souls of those fortunate enough to possess them by exuding brilliance while nurturing tranquil inner energy. Whether they are worn as symbols of celebration or tokens of goodwill for a loved one born in December – its clear that tanzanite and turquoise capture hearts and minds like few other gems can.

Griffin Kilmeade