Benefit Your Business: Master the Art of Corporate Gifting

What’s the perfect way to express your feelings about others without even uttering a word? Why giving gifts, of course! This social practise has been essential for humanity for millennia.

It’s important to point out it’s not solely exclusive when nurturing the relationships with family and friends, but it’s part of the corporate sphere as well. By understanding the psychology behind gift-giving, which is showing appreciation, inspiring reciprocity and contributing to the creation of trust, we understand why this practice is so crucial for the business trade.

That being said, acquiring unique business gifts as a strategy to strengthen your relationships with potential or existing employees, clients and business partners can help your business grow. Considering the market is abundant, you won’t find it difficult to come across high-quality edible treats like chocolate arrangements with drinks, accessories, greenery, or clothing items to surprise them with.

How Can Corporate Gifting Benefit Your Company?

There are two ways gifts can benefit your business: internally and externally.


You might as well guess this one is to do with surprising employees (anyone that’s part of the company’s operations) with well-chosen presents. The outcome of this kind gesture can make them feel appreciated and valued, further increasing their connection with the company. As a result, you’d get satisfied and loyal employees who’d be productive and more than happy to contribute to the company’s success.


Whether you’re trying to win over new clients and partners or want to show how much you value your existing ones, thoughtful corporate gifts are the key to making it happen. This move calls for customising the chosen presents with your logo as it helps put your brand front and centre for your recipients. Don’t be surprised if the end-result would be them wanting to connect with your company as the gift would associate them with your brand.

Ways to Make Corporate Gifting Work



There are some things you need to think through if you want to make the strategy work, and timing is one of them. First things first, you shouldn’t only think of it as the ideal solution for the Easter or Christmas holidays when people expect to exchange gifts. After all, you want to surprise your employees, clients and partners, so the least you should be is predictable.

Gift Ethics 

Given that there’s an ethical perspective you should look from, it’s best to avoid gifts when you expect some favour or something in return. This way, you ensure people don’t get the idea you’re bribing them when you just want to show how much you value them.

With clients, you might surprise them after your first transaction, or use gifts as a gesture to reward them for their loyalty if they’ve been doing business for years. The same can be said for business partners. Whereas with employees, apart from presents for festivities, you can use gift-giving as a tactic to reward them when they show progress. This way, you can also simultaneously motivate a healthy competition within the teams.


Many companies avoid gifts altogether, but there are also many more that pull it off because of setting a budget so they neither end up overspending nor underspending. Skip this and you risk getting into a situation a la Michael Scott straight out of the Secret Santa party of the Christmas Party episode in “The Office”.

Basically, it comes down to several aspects when determining the sum, from how much this relationship means to you and how long you’ve been in business together, to how much you can afford to spend and the result you expect to achieve. While we’re still at the budget, don’t forget to spend some of it on packaging too if you want to increase the wow effect!


If you want to make it right, invest some effort in finding out more about the people you want to surprise. In terms of partners, it would give you a hint about their gift policy, whether or not they accept such gestures, and if yes, you’d come to learn what goes and what doesn’t.

As for employees, it’s the perfect chance to get to know them better by asking around the office what their likes and taste are, which leads to a positive work environment. Imagine the surprise of a vegan employee upon receiving vegan edible gifts!

Also, you need to check the products before you buy so you avoid buying anything that is of low quality and would send the wrong message to the recipient. They can get the idea that you don’t care enough to send a more thoughtful present.

This is especially true with corporate food gifts such as edible treats and hampers perfect for any occasion. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t be all too pleased receiving a gift that looks as bad as it tastes so choose carefully! 

If you don’t want yours to end up on the list of the worst presents employees have received, you ought to double-check the store by reading the reviews from customers. In addition, buy products for yourself first to be sure you’re buying quality.

Gift Suggestions

Even though gift-giving is used as a token of appreciation and can bring about happiness on both ends, there are chances of it going wrong same as with verbal communication, so be sure to follow the aforementioned tips.

I’d also like to add, it’s a good idea to personalise the presents (could be as simple as adding a handwritten note!) and delivering them yourself if you want to leave a lasting impression. Now then, if you’re stuck in a rut with ideas, you can use the following as inspiration:

Sweet Treats 

source: @edibleblooms

You can’t go wrong by choosing this type of business gifts because even people who don’t have a sweet tooth appreciate sweets at one point or another. More importantly, they’re great for any occasion, any time of the year!

From chocolate bouquets to chocolate-dipped strawberries, the recipient is in for a treat. Just be sure to ask around if the person is allergic to some of the ingredients or fruits to be on the safe side.




What better way to show people how important your relationship is with them than by getting them plants to symbolise it?

Stationery Supplies


This is a great option when you’re thinking of the employees who spend most of the time in the office. A well-chosen set of notebooks, organisers and cardholders can make the work area all the more special.


Work stress can take its toll on a person’s health and well-being, so gift the people you care about with something that does them well – it could be a membership card to a gym, spa, or healthy meal plan.

Clothing or Accessories

If you know the recipient more, you can get them a stylish piece of clothing or accessory they can wear with their outfits.

Don’t like these ideas and want to try something else? Why not let the recipient decide what they want? Sure, it takes away the element of surprise but at least you know it’s a safe bet!

Annika Bansal

Annika "The Chick Geek" is the founder of Small Business Sense shares small business ideas, tips and resources for independent Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners.