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Food Inventory: The Restaurant Inventory Management Checklist

Inventory control is a key component of restaurant management. A proper food inventory management is essential to ensure that service runs smoothly. However, if it’s not done correctly, financial results can be adversely affected. Even a small oversight in your stock management system can cause food shortages and food waste, as well as inaccurate forecasting. […]

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The Ultimate Cafe Opening Checklist

Everybody loves cafes, students included. Starbucks gets all of the attention. But, Starbucks can’t compete with a mom-and-pop cafe that serves breakfast and lunch. A plan that includes all the elements necessary to make your cafe popular and profitable is impossible without good accounting and a well-designed cafe POS system. Even a simple checklist for […]

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The Retailer’s Checklist for Starting an Online Store

eCommerce is hotter now than ever. If you’re not selling online already, the time to get started was yesterday. Shoppers are switching between sales channels, and are more inclined to buy online.  But you probably already know that—the question isn’t Should you. It’s How. Starting an online store doesn’t have to be hard if you […]

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