Six Unique Types of Promotional Products to Consider

When you own a business, you already know how important it is to promote and market that business. This is where good promotional products come in handy. Items made with your business logo on it are a perfect way for your customers to remember you in the future, increasing the odds that they’ll contact you again when they need you.

But if you’re not too keen on giving them pens, magnets, or drinking cups and you’re looking for something a little more unique, you’re in luck because companies like Brandability that supply these products are continuously coming up with more-interesting items to give to your customers. Below are some of those items to consider.

1. Adult Colouring Books

Both kids and adults love to colour, and colouring has even been proven to keep people calmer and create more mindfulness as well. An adult colouring book is definitely a unique promo gift, and it’s one that people will use again and again. Many of the colouring books even come with coloured pencils for the customer to use, meaning that they don’t have to go out and buy colours themselves.

2. Mini Desk Humidifier

Mini desk humidifiers are both functional and cute, not to mention a great way to keep the room a lot more comfortable. When it comes to unique promotional products, this one is a great idea because it is the perfect way for the customer to be reminded of your business on a daily basis. Simple and inexpensive, it’s definitely a unique gift to consider for your customers.

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3. Personalized M&Ms

Many people are unaware that M&Ms can be personalized, but they can. You can get your business name placed on each of the candies so that the customer thinks of you every time they pop a few M&Ms in their mouth. The candies are available in various colours, and when you buy in bulk, the prices are very reasonable.

4. Touch Tool

A touch tool is a small device that you hold in your hand and it allows you to touch another object with the tip of the tool. This means you aren’t touching that particular item yourself because the tool is between you, making it perfect for this COVID-19 world of ours. The tools are easy to use and can be carried wherever the customer goes, and they’ll think of your business every time they use it.

5. Desktop Bag Toss Game

This is a fun, stress-relieving game that sits on someone’s desk and allows them to play a little bag toss whenever the mood strikes them. When it comes to promotional products, this one is a great idea because it will sit on the customer’s desk day after day and remind them of your business. It’s fun and effective, and it allows the customer to think of you often.

6. Smart Water Bottle

These stainless-steel “smart” bottles keep warm liquids warm and cold liquids cold — they always seem to know exactly what you need! And with your business name right on the front, the customers will think of you every time they use it, which is likely to be very often.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.