Super Helpful Apps You Need To Have In Your Smartphone

The digital era has introduced innovations and technologies that could have been only imagined. We have an app for everything that we need in our day-to-day life as a student, professional, businessperson, etc. We can access these apps mostly for free and use them for various purposes.

Here’s a list of all the useful apps found in the app store and can be installed on your smartphone for various purposes. You might come across some unique apps as well that can perform unique functions.


The primary need to survive, apart from water, air, and food, is money. Everybody needs money because nothing is available for free. But, job hunting can be very difficult when there are a plethora of companies and sectors opening positions at the same time.

LinkedIn is a platform for job hunters and can access various jobs positions by searching in the bar. One can also get notifications for job openings and can apply directly to the companies via Linkedin.

Reverse Dictionary

Reverse Dictionary is a brilliant app that can help students, researchers, and professionals to find out the exact word for a provided definition. The user can write the definition in the app and the app with a listing of the most relevant words that resemble the definition. This can be very useful to people in their day-to-day life.


You will be shocked to find the best apps that perform unique functions, such as keeping an eye on your partner. This might sound creepy, but it can be a useful app if you genuinely have doubts about your partner.

The app is independent of any legal situations and can be operated safely without the involvement of third parties. It is one of the best apps to catch a cheater without sending any notifications.

Slipstream Music

Slipstream Music is a unique app that is not commonly known. However, it is an app worth installing on your smartphone if you are a party person and loves to host and attend parties. Slipstream Music is an app that can help you customize party playlists.

The app can help the user queue up their favorite songs in the official party playlist through their individual smartphones. You can keep adding the songs without downloading any third-party apps.

Google Handwriting Input

Google has a lot of useful apps that remain unexplored. One of the most useful apps is Google handwriting input. This app works smoothly for writing texts on your smartphone via handwriting.

The user can write anything on the input screen via a stylus, and the app will convert it into digital texts. This is a pretty useful app if one struggles with typing on the keyboard.

Photo Grid

Photo grid is a photo collage maker app with a lot of other features. The app allows a user to make a picture, Instagram size without cropping it. It also offers several other features such as adding filters, stickers, texts, etc., to a photograph. You can also use poster apps like Canva to help you make advertisement images.

The app has a very easy and friendly user interface and can be accessed by anyone. The app can be used to take filtered pictures, make scrapbooks, and edit pictures. If you are a social media person, then this might be a very useful app for you.


This is an app best suited for the people involved with the business. One can send automated emails from Gmail using Fluently. The app can be installed free of cost and customized according to needs. Once done, the app runs smoothly in sending automated email replies.


Inshot is a simple, easy-to-operate video editing app. It can be added to the smartphone to edit videos taken by phone instantly. One can cut, trim, rewind a video in the app, giving it a different outlook. One can also directly record customized videos from the app.

The app can be used to mute videos and add background music. The app has a wide range of music libraries that can be used to place music in your videos. The videos can also be adjusted based on temperature, exposure, contrast, shadows, etc.


Canva is a very useful app, especially for graphic designers. One can make all kinds of posters, logos, cards, presentations on Canva using already provided templates or by creating their own.

Canva is a very popular app and can be used to create bright graphics that can be used for business profiles as stories and social media posts. It is useful and very easy to use.


We have plenty of web series streaming all over the internet on various streaming platforms. While watching half shows, it gets difficult to keep track of the episode you left your show at. Thus, an app like Hobi can be useful to keep track of the shows.

This is a free-of-cost app with a variety of TV shows listed. One can easily note their TV shows and the episodes they are on. The app also sends notifications for upcoming TV shows.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.