How to Fold Dress Shirts Like a Pro

If you hang your dress shirts up, then good for you! A well-organized closet makes it easy to put together a great look. But you may not have the necessary closet space to hang all your shirts, or, more likely, you may need to know how to fold dress shirts when you’re packing for a business trip. Presented for you, here are three fool-proof ways to fold your dress shirts the right way. 

Let the Good Times Roll

If you travel for business, you know how important it is to make a good impression when meeting clients. This method preps your shirts perfectly for packing, so you’ll spend less time slaving over a hotel room ironing board or steaming out wrinkles before your big meeting. 

  • Lay your shirt out flat with the button side down. 
  • Fold the shirt in half. The hem of one sleeve should touch the other. Be sure the collar is lying flat. 
  • Now fold the sleeves back across the shirt. The cuff will touch the hem.
  • Roll the shirt up, smoothing it as you go. 

The Accordion Method

This variation on the classic fold (below) tucks the sleeves neatly out of the way. Try it out — you may find that it works best for you.

  • Lay your shirt flat with the button side down. 
  • Fold the right side of the shirt and the sleeve across until the cuff touches the elbow. 
  • Now fold the sleeves back in line with the collar, then back again, like an accordion or a pleat. The sleeve ends up folded three times. 
  • Flip-up the hem so it touches the collar and the turn the shirt over. 

The Classic Style

Tried and true. Once you’ve gotten the hang of this way of folding a dress shirt, you may find that you never want to use any other method. Properly done, your shirts will be ready to wear when you pull them out of your drawer or suitcase.

  • Place your shirt button side down on a flat surface like your bed. 
  • Fold the right side and sleeve of your shirt about ¾ of the way across the shirt’s back. The cuff should be placed where your elbow would be.
  • Repeat this step on the left side.
  • Now fold up the hem of the shirt so it touches right under the collar. Flip the shirt over and you’ve got a perfectly folded shirt.

Don’t Neglect the Final Touches

Even if you’ve mastered the fine art of folding your shirts, you can’t realistically expect it to come out of your suitcase in perfect, ready-to-wear condition. Creases and wrinkles will inevitably occur despite your handiwork. There are a few ways to handle this. 

Grab that iron. Almost every reputable hotel will have an iron and ironing board stashed in the closet. Take a moment when you unpack and get to work on your shirt. Pro Tip: Practice ironing your shirts at home, so you’re not learning on the fly.

  • Buy a travel steamer. These small and portable appliances are a great investment. Pack one in your suitcase and simply steam out the wrinkles when you arrive.
  • A nice hot shower. Simple hang your shirt up in your room’s bathroom and run a hot shower. Voila! The wrinkles disappear. 
  • Hang it in Walk-in closets: Walk-in closets now provided by Organized Lifestylez also have hoteliers as the major clients. Don’t be surprised to find one in your hotel room where you hang your shirts to keep it wrinkle free.

A Sharp-Dressed Man

If you’ve ever admired the style of a well turned out guy, just remember that he got that way by paying attention to the details. A crisp, fresh-looking shirt will improve your style and presence anytime you wear one. Once you know how to fold dress shirts you’re on the way to looking good wherever you go. 


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