Tips For Starting A Professional Tree Care Service

Professional tree care service is a demanding and challenging profession, given the enormous financial potential that comes with owning such a business. Starting the business is a considerable risk even for people who already have the experience, hence for a beginner who wishes to start the company, it could be challenging and rewarding at the same time. Provided that you plan correctly, perform decent research, and you have a strong work ethic, then owning a tree care business is attainable. 

Planting a tree is a lifetime investment, successful planting as well as establishment of this business is important. It’s wise to plant trees during the dormant season or in early spring before bud break occurs. This is the perfect timing to ensure the trees strengthen their roots before the spring rains. 

However, there are some essential tips that you must consider before jumping into the business. Here are some tips that you should take note of.

1. Evaluation

To begin with, you need to evaluate the market and get a glimpse of the competitive nature of the market. Evaluation involves identifying companies that provide similar services that will help you anticipate challenges and identify the opportunities. You will also need to choose the right types of trees that you intend to plant and evaluate trees that will thrive in a given climate. Consider the purpose of the trees; clients would want specific trees for windbreak, shade, to offer privacy, for aesthetics, or commercial use. Some trees are planted for making ropes and the experts mentioned in would advise tree planters the wide variety of wood ropes available in the market, ranging from cotton, nylon, manilla, among other rope trees. Wood ropes are firm and robust, and clients would tend to purchase them. 

Tree care begins with healthy trees; hence there are planting factors that you should consider that will ensure that the trees provide a lifetime of benefits. Some of the planting factors include the purchasing of bare root seedlings whose roots are fibrous and moist, burlapped trees that have firm roots, and container-grown trees. Most clients would prefer one of these trees, therefore, ensure that you evaluate the cost and benefit of every tree.

2. Create a Business Plan

When starting the business, you will need intense preparation, planning, and analysis. You must acquire some practical knowledge about the tree care business before starting your own. As a businessman, you must be confident, given the prevailing market trends and the economic climate. You should console yourself that there is a place for you in the market, then create a business plan.

A proper business plan is essential for any commercial tree care service owing to the competitive nature of the industry. A good business plan would be suitable in case you seek to establish working relationships with lenders. Your business plan should include the competitive analysis that goes beyond your research on competitors. The plan should consist of customer lists, market positioning, market share, trade territory, competition vulnerabilities, and the years you aspire to spend providing the service. Given that lenders would require a good business plan, the plan should contain realistic project projections for the span that you wish to operate. Create a plan that outlines the equipment that you plan to use, the number of staff members, and the required office space.

3. Trademarking the Business Name

It would be best if you performed a federal trademark search to ensure that the business name that you plan to use has not been trademarked. It would be best if you hired an attorney to perform the search, and when you are good to go, ask the attorney state to lock the business name. State locking will protect your company name; therefore, you will be the only service provider who has the authority to use the name. 

4. Hire a Professional

Upon starting the business, you might be comfortable handling the small projects, tree removal and daily maintenance of the landscape. However, when it comes to massive projects, it would be advisable to hire an arborist who will help you take care of the fine details. Keep in mind that proper tree care requires training and specific knowledge. The job can prove to be technical and dangerous; therefore, always consult the experts.

5. Always Consult

Provision of tree care services can be challenging; therefore, you should always consider consulting an arborist in case you are uncertain. An arborist takes care of trees by fertilizing, pruning, planting, transplanting, removing trees, and they also monitor diseases and insects that might infest trees. 

Generally, a professional tree care service business can be profitable, provided you analyze the market to identify opportunities, challenges, and competitors. Besides, you have to create a business plan, secure a relationship with a financial body, register your company, and promote the business. The business is lucrative; therefore, you should establish credibility with all stakeholders. 

Annika Bansal

Annika "The Chick Geek" is the founder of Small Business Sense shares small business ideas, tips and resources for independent Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners.