How to Display Art in your Office

Interior design requires creativity. When you need to display your favorite artwork in the office or you simply need to have it somewhere around to deliver a message, it would be best if you have an idea as to where you should install it, what other décor you should match it with, and how it would likely be relevant to your daily office life. You must be contemplating whether you would display an art alone, or you would have it altogether with other frames or art pieces.

Incorporating your office pieces with the furniture and the rest of the things found inside would present a more organized space and a much more welcoming arena for business partners, clients, or anyone who would come over to transact about the business you offer. Here are some techniques you can lean on, should you be needing some inspiration as to how artworks must be displayed in the office:


While great works are best displayed on its own, multiple frames and other art secondary pieces would direct the attention of onlookers towards the main piece. Giving emphasis to the size and color of the piece, you can position your favorite work at the center of all the other wall decors. Just ensure the tone of the wall complement the arts so it does not appear contrasting or irrelevant to the whole display. You will be surprised of offices creatively organizing art pieces inside office walls. A few or too many, it normally serves its aesthetic purpose.

Pin Up

Most offices have a bulletin board or cork boards to pin up announcements and office bulletins. For some creative business office tenants, a cork board is used to pin up special artworks. Say the office is not that spacious and the tendency of the visitor is to sit down while waiting looking at only one side of the wall, this is where those are specials must be tacked in. The whole bulletin will set the mood and it is supposed to entertain the clients. The good part about boards is that it can be changed every now and then.


Solo artworks occupying enough space in an office speaks of simplicity of the occupants. You might be the type who wouldn’t bother having too many mementos inside your office and you want only one attention-getter to take the limelight. If that is the case, the best way for you to display your favorite art is to have it standing alone. You may use a cookbook holder or a rest frame to handle the piece in place, that is up to you. One thing is for sure, it can look pretty well, alone. Just like any other personalities, the owner of the office shows the tendency of the office occupant to be independent, among others.


Huge clips and frame hangers which may be purchased in DIY shops are great holders of art pieces in your office. Hanging them in your walls might be a struggle, especially if you do not want to have drilled holes or tape marks. The perfect partner for you when decorating your office would be charming hangers. It normally comes in variety of sizes and designs. Pick up pieces that would be able to hold the artwork and see to it, it also complements the color of the wall where you intend to hang or clip it in.

Light Up

Photo frames and art pieces are best displayed with a light illuminating above or below it. This would showcase the beauty of the artwork, considering the effort and space specially provisioned for it. The ambiance of an office may be felt through the interior décor, on top of the furniture installed inside it. Keeping the office feel lively and welcoming might mean having an art display that seems to entertain and keep the clients wondering and appreciating. Boring offices are normally one that does not have any personal effects on it. Bland and empty workplaces may contribute to lagging and sleepy workers, so displaying works of art intelligently would help.


Buffet tables and countertops may be used as display area for picture frames, office-related awards or achievement totems, and it can be the best place to display your most favorite artwork. If you have a larger tabletop, it might be the only place for you to position your most treasured art. If you have a smaller one, the wall or the door frame can be the most ideal location. One’s creativity does not stop in choosing furniture and wall colors. It expands to placing your favorite art memento where it’s supposed to be. The idea is to have it shown. Once you have it positioned in an area where it will likely receive the necessary attention, your art display attempt in your office will be achieved.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.