How To Attract New Patients To Your Practice With Dental Marketing Ideas

Dental clinics are no different from other businesses in that marketing is essential to their success. A single dentist has to visit between 24 and 50 new patients each month in order for their dental practice to expand. Additionally, a practice needs to provide a competitive product at a competitive price, as well as convenient quality services, all supported by a sound dental marketing strategy, in order to draw in new dental patients.

Dental Marketing Idea #1: Bonus Program for Patient Referrals

More than 70% of new patient growth for an established dental office would come from internal patient referrals.

Consider rewarding staff members to encourage them to contribute to the growth and improvement of your practice in all areas, not just through referrals, to make this strategy even more powerful.

Dental Marketing Idea #2 – Identify Your Target Audience (Most Likely Women)

More than 90% of all dental purchase choices are made by women. Examining your whole marketing image, including your dental office logo and your existing collateral, is a terrific dental marketing strategy that will persuade more female household heads to contact your practice.

When creating marketing materials for your dental practice, be sure to work with a provider who offers a ton of dental practice marketing ideas, can provide in-depth demographic targeting, and who knows how to market to women. Women want information before they buy to make sure they are finding the “perfect answer,” so be sure to work with a provider who can provide these services.

Dental Marketing Idea #3 – An Offer To Beat Your Competition

It’s crucial to keep an eye on your industry and be aware of your competitors when it comes to strategic dentistry marketing. In other words, set yourself apart from your rivals’ practices by being available when clients need you and catering to their needs.

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Dental Marketing Idea #4 – Patient Reviews & Web Presence

Clearing your cache frequently and searching for “dentists in your town” on Google are also excellent dental marketing strategies. Are your Google reviews five stars? Whether you do it or not, it’s a good idea to encourage patients to leave you favorable reviews online. Your patient newsletter is a fantastic place to do this. Give detailed “how to” information so that patients can assist you.

Looking up your website frequently is a further effective marketing strategy for the entire dental office staff. Is the information up to date? Will the female head of household find your website appealing? Does it reflect the quality of your services and is it simple to navigate? Is the dentist depicted in a warm manner with their family or staff?

Want more great dental marketing ideas?

To effectively promote your dental presence, you can also try: 

  • Custom Direct Mail
  • Neighborhood Dental Newsletters
  • Dental Postcards
  • Patient NEWSletters
  • Marketing Performance Dashboard
  • Practice Brochures
  • Logo/Brand Development
  • Demographic Analysis
  • e-Bulletins & Holiday Greetings
  • Referral & Loyalty Programs
  • Patient Satisfaction Surveys
  • Practice Transitions
  • Social Marketing
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