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Jared is a dynamic and driven journalist with a passion for uncovering the truth and sharing untold stories. With over a decade of experience reporting from the front lines of some of the world's most volatile regions, Jared has a reputation for fearlessly pursuing the facts, no matter how challenging or dangerous the situation.

Falling prey to phishing or security attacks can rob your brand reputation – Choose penetration testing today

Since most companies aim to get digital, they must ensure they have reasonable security solutions. Most cybercriminals employ sophisticated phishing and other security attacks that can rob small and middle-sized companies of their data and cash reserve. And these companies lack the necessary funds and resources to fight the loss. Hence, staying aware and apt […]

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Understand the work of the web editor to choose the right one

Knowing how a web editor works is essential when looking to hire one. Indeed, this profession is home to an infinity of individuals with very heterogeneous skills. You wouldn’t want to hire a web designer only to be disappointed with their performance, would you? To succeed in your selection and avoid wasting time and money, you will inevitably have to look into the profiles and working methods. In this article, we therefore help you to […]

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2023 Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Keep an Eye On

Technology changes quickly. Every year, there are new, popular social media apps, better smartphones, and other technological advances that promise to change the way you do digital marketing. We’ve listed the most important digital marketing trends for 2023 to help you sort through all the hype. The 9 most significant changes in digital marketing in […]

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Researching the used car market is significant if you want value for the money spent!

If you are ready to spend your money on second-hand automobiles, you must thoroughly understand the market. Try to conduct extensive research and know the features you must look for in a second-hand auto. Knowing how to identify potential issues might help you avoid future costly repairs. The second-hand car industry is expanding like never […]

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