At Home Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber can be Life Saver

Hyperbaric Oxygen chambers are compartments exclusively manufactured to supply a high concentration of oxygen at increased pressure (usually between 1.5-3 ATA). Increasing demand for the therapy due to its efficacy provoked companies to bring innovation in the design of the chambers to facilitate customers. Consequently, we can see multiple models of HBO chambers for therapeutic use in clinics or mild therapy at home. Mono-place, multi-place, vertical, horizontal, mild/soft, and hard hyperbaric chambers are some of the types of chambers in the market.

Moreover, to grab the attention of customers, innovative design technology is passionate to equip the chambers with WiFi, improve the user interface, and install automated programming. Cost efficacy is a big challenge for HBOT chamber manufacturers.

Hyperbaric oxygen chambers for home use

Mild hyperbaric chambers for mHBOT are safe to use at home. They operate at relatively low pressure compared to clinical chambers for different medical conditions. Though the companies are working on the cost efficacy of the chambers but still getting the therapy is expensive. Home-based chambers cost between $5000 to $20.000, depending on the material and design. How can users get the motivation to invest money? In actuality, the hyperbaric chambers can be life savers at home and this makes users buy the product. Physiological benefits compel people to buy the product and enjoy unlimited benefits.

  1. Carbon monoxide poisoning 

The onset of winter brings the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning to homes. The grills, heaters, and cars release carbon monoxide due to the combustion of methane in low oxygen environments. CO binds with hemoglobin and as a result, the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood reduces. In some cases, the CO production in rooms leads to the death of individuals, while in other cases people suffer from chronic headaches, fatigue, irritation in the eyes, and various other symptoms. If you have the mHBOT chamber at home then it is convenient to consistently take the therapy. It ensures the oxygenated blood supply to the tissues, diminishing the complications associated with CO poisoning.   

  • Healthy aging

HBOT improves overall health by countless physiological benefits including improved metabolism, tissue regeneration, mobilization of stem cells, natural healing, endurance, and more. Taking HBOT for non-therapeutic purposes in daily life boosts the immune system and saves the users from invading microbes. Means spending some money to buy a hyperbaric chamber and saving a lot that you pay every year to treat infections. 

  • Cellular energy

Our body needs the energy to cope with the environment and survive. We rely on aerobic respiration which involves the oxygenation of glucose at the cellular level. The energy produced in the form of ATP helps fuel our bodies to perform different functions. A daily dose of mild hyperbaric therapy improves all these metabolic cascades of reactions in the body.

  • Relief from fatigue

We often join the gym or go to the park to do some physical activity to improve our stamina and get mentally relaxed. The exercise is accompanied by lactic acid deposition in muscles that sometimes add to fatigue. HBOT gives relief from tiredness without creating an oxygen debt in the body cells.

  • Brain health

Several studies have proved the efficacy of HBOT in overcoming brain fog, dementia, and other brain complications. It accelerates blood flow to brain cells, promotes neovascularization, heals tissues, and increases overall performance. In short, the HBOT chamber at home is the best way that leads to prevention.

  • Diminish the signs of depression

Anxiety and depression are the most prevalent issues in the modern world. In the USA, 1 in every 3 individuals (youngsters) is suffering from the signs of depression. The effects of depression are not confined to our performance, it does more harm to our metabolism. Therefore, depressed people encounter multiple problems such as indigestion and hormonal imbalance. Mild HBOT at home on daily basis is a ray of hope for us in this regard and it has greater potential to deal with these issues. Moreover, proper functioning of the body prevents the onset of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Without a doubt, HBOT is the next generation therapy, and keeping the HBOT chamber at home for mild therapy is a real deal. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancer treatment are considered life-saving therapies, mild HBOT can prevent cancer or other chronic abnormalities. We need more evidence in the favor of therapy, especially as a replacement for exercise or physical fitness practices. The data support for its efficacy in the treatment of various illnesses is enough to prove its use without any serious harm.


How does HBOT help in life-threatening situations?

Hyperbaric oxygen chambers are regarded as miracle machines both in hospitals and in homes. Though hard HBOT chambers operating at high pressures are not recommended by FDA to be used in homes. However, mild treatment at low oxygen concentration (24-50%) at 1.3-1.5 ATA pressure can be helpful in improving overall health. mHBOT saves us from developing various life-threatening conditions such as severe CO poisoning, cancers, severe depression, mood swings, brain fog, chronic lethargy, diabetes, hypertension, memory issues, muscle injuries, and much more. The overall mechanism of mHBOT is prevention rather than cure. When the body metabolism works normally then the chances are high that the users will not undergo chronic medical issues that are common nowadays due to sedentary lifestyles and lack of physical activity. So it would not be an exaggeration to claim that hyperbaric chambers at home help us in hundreds of different ways to avoid life-threatening disorders. A huge number of long-term physiological benefits are linked to HBOT that are easy to access when we have a chamber at home.

Evidence of efficacy

Users often show the concern about lack of data and evidence in favor of mHBOT. The wait is over now! It has been proved in many case studies that even low pressure and slightly elevated oxygen compared to atmospheric oxygen can be effective. This extra dose of oxygen on a regular basis makes our body immune and resilient to common everyday problems. Therefore, it is completely safe and useful to feed your body cells with some extra dose of oxygen to make them work better than usual. Better performance at cellular level boosts our performance as an individual.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.