7 Ways to Reduce Apparel Returns for Your Online Store

The fashion retail industry is growing significantly within the e-commerce sector. With the shift of almost all businesses to the online sector, the fashion industry, too, has moved online. While the fashion industry is significantly rising, this industry is also facing significant losses.

According to Shopify, in 2020, consumers had returned the product worth $428 billion. Having a size recommender to determine the accuracy of sizes can be a great help. Regular returns of the apparel to the online store can hugely impact profitability, customer experience, and operations.

7 ways to reduce apparel returns for your online store

Clothes are an inevitable part of the online store. It won’t be wrong to say that the apparel industry was the first to grow significantly in the online world. However, the increasing number of returns can have a huge impact, thereby leading to losses.

Some of the common ways to reduce apparel returns for the online store include the following:

1. Size Recommender

One of the most common reasons for a higher number of apparel returns is the wrong size. Online stores must have a size recommendation on their website. Whether it is in the image form or size charts, it can be useful for customers.

According to experts, it is necessary to maintain details of body measurement and size. Furthermore, it would be best to mention the size for different systems like EU, US, JP, and more.

A sizing chart helps determine the best fit for the client. The sizing chart should be given for clothes and shoes. Mentioning every detail for a size chart can help to set you apart from your competitors by providing a higher level of customer satisfaction.

2. Provide what you display

The quality of the products delivered to clients should be similar to what you promised. Providing low-quality garments to customers can lead to dissatisfaction and return.

Many eCommerce stores come with a no return policy. As a business, you cannot charge for something you are not delivering. One of the best ways to reduce apparel returns is to stick to the product description.

Hence, when you promise the best quality products to the clients, deliver the same and not low-quality products. Implementing IP warming can help display the products accurately.

3. Update the product description

Whenever displaying a product on the site, use a creative and engaging description to attract customer attention. However, it is advisable to be as descriptive as possible about the product.

Customizing and detailing the product descriptions can help to win the trust of customers. The product description should mention why you’re better than your competitors. Most companies often include a CTA to encourage customers to purchase the product again. The small businesses are very precise about the product descriptions they mention.

4. Provide good-quality videos

Online retail stores have shaped the shopping experience for customers. There is no requirement for visiting the store. The customer can order products from the comfort of their homes. The company will further deliver it to their doorsteps. Easy, isn’t it?

But one major problem many customers face is not knowing what they’re receiving. Online shopping is all about visuals. Hence, it is essential to provide good-quality videos and photos. This provides customers the chance to know what they’re receiving.

Good-quality pictures are as important as detailed and customized descriptions. If the image isn’t clear, the customer is unlikely to purchase. However, even if they purchase, the chances of return are significantly high.

5. Include a virtual fitting room

To reduce the rate of returns, many companies such as Shein have launched virtual fitting rooms. This technology allows combining customer data with clothing data.

Furthermore, many companies have also launched a virtual body program. This helps them get accurate information about the customer and deliver the best results.

Brands like Myntra have also introduced the trial feature. As per this policy, the customers will get to try the product of their choice. If the size doesn’t fit, customers can quickly return and get a replacement. This policy has been playing an essential role in lowering the risk of returns.

6. Different models same fit

Does the policy of the same size fit all work? No. However, one of the best policies to adopt is to click models of different body sizes in the same piece of cloth. It helps the customers envision whether the particular product will suit them or not.

This policy also promotes inclusiveness in brands that are appreciated by a significant number of customers. It is advisable to present products to the customers in a manner that they seem approachable. This is mainly because many customers do not understand the concept of standard runaway.

Implementing this on your website can help you stay ahead of your competitors in terms of client satisfaction.

7. Insert customer experience

Including details and customer reviews of the particular product can help to establish the genuineness of the product. Customers are likely to purchase products online after reading positive reviews from previous clients.

Furthermore, you can encourage your customers to post their photos as well. This helps your new customers understand what the product is like.

Final Thoughts

The increasing number of eCommerce returns is a concern for many businesses. Furthermore, it is affecting the fashion industry negatively. Small businesses are adopting new technologies to provide the best customer experience. As long as the customers are satisfied, they will keep coming back to you and bring profit. This will also help to reduce the risk of returns.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.