6 Customer Retention Strategies for the Small Business Owner

Promoting your new venture or small business is a great way to attract customers and grow your regular client base. But once you have a customer’s attention, how can you retain them for future sales and service? There are some practical ways to establish customer retention strategies, including keeping your clients happy, providing exceptional service, and prioritizing their satisfaction. Here are six customer retention strategies for the small business owner. 

Improve service reliability

When you acquire new customers, you’ll want to demonstrate that your business and services are reliable and continually improving. One of the best ways to improve reliability is by reducing downtime of critical SAP systems and the progress tracking to ensure you exceed your client’s expectations. You can automate system error detection and implement failover recovery with SAP solutions like this

Build a rapport with your customers

From the first day you fling open your doors to the public and open yourself up for business, you may find many visitors and prospective customers ready to make a purchase. When you establish a rapport with guests, you’ll make a positive impression, encouraging them to shop with you again.

Building a rapport is one of the best customer retention strategies for small businesses. Once you strike up a conversation and establish a connection, there’s a sense of trust or familiarity that draws people back time and again. Don’t be afraid to be friendly, especially with your repeat customers. 

Offer a customer feedback survey

People often provide feedback on their experience as a customer, whether they had an excellent experience or were looking to offer strongly-worded suggestions. Customer satisfaction is an essential metric for your small business. Inviting customers to take an online survey or add their rating and review of your business online is a fantastic way to attract new customers while encouraging clients to return.

If a customer offers advice or a critical review, reach out to them to resolve the matter quickly. Doing so will improve your reputation with that customer and give potential clients the impression that you go the extra mile to make customers happy. 

Begin a company blog or newsletter

Do you put items on sale or feature specials during the holidays or other high-traffic times? Create a brief newsletter or blog to highlight and promote your shop’s upcoming events and sales. Invite your customers to sign up for your newsletter by incentivizing first-time visitors with a small discount. Alternatively, you can print or post newsletters online to alert customers to discounts, special orders, and other events.

Implement a customer appreciation program

Many chain stores offer rewards cards and point systems, which offer customers a prize for being loyal. Small businesses can provide similar benefits for customers, such as a card that offers a free coffee or a discount on a meal after a specific number of orders are purchased. Alternatively, give customers the option to accumulate “points” that can be redeemed for rewards.

Keep your top products and services in mind

Trends come and go faster than the speed of sound, but it’s essential to keep up with them where possible. Promote high-demand services and continually review customer feedback and suggestions to determine where the zeitgeist will point next. 

Final Thoughts

You want your business to become a place that customers want to return to again and again. Customer retention may feel like an uphill battle, but once you’ve won your first diehard fans, you’ll never go back. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.