6 Ways Men Can Style Business Shorts in Summer

Summer calls for bright coloured fashionable outfits. Tank tops, vests and shorts are some of the major favourites of people to roam around with. These outfits promise you comfort with a good style. We tend to wear it as it is whenever we go out but we also need to remember that we can style these outfits as well to get the trendier look. Do not worry you do not need a huge investment. With few changes in the wardrobe and some additions would certainly help you to achieve those looks. Shorts are one of the basic outfits which are picked more during summers. Here are a few tips that would encourage you to style your summer shorts.

Choose the right length

Shorts are available in various lengths. You can get many variants right from the hot shorts to the knee-length ones. Here you would need to check about your requirement first. Most of the men tend to make such a mistake while buying the right length shorts for themselves. There were times when the shots of athletic variants were much in demand. But this is not the case now. Make sure your plumbers or underwear are not popping out of these shorts. Just approximate 2 inches above the knee is the ideal pick which you can choose. You can consider wearing a belt over it. If you are looking for athletic wear the try choosing the mid-thigh length one.

Pair it with Shirt

You might have seen men going bare-chested in the advertisement but it is not necessary to implement the same in practice as well. You can complete your shorts look with any of the collared or polo shirts. This combination would give you a perfect look. Make sure you stick to the solid colours. Try to avoid the prints as solid colours go well with the shorts. You can choose to wear a printed shirt over shorts if you are planning to go to a party or any beach event.

Get the right fit

You may get the loose fitted t-shirt or short but your shorts have to be the ones with a perfect fit. Try to avoid the baggy ones as well as the too short ones. Choose the shorts with the nice trim. Picking the baggy or loose fitted shorts can make your thighs look bulkier while choosing the too tight can make your body parts burst through the short’s fabric. Generally, shorts are designed to give you a more stylish yet comfortable look. Hence make sure you choose the right fit.

Pair it with Socks

We know that this is not a School where one would have to wear socks with shorts. But choosing the right shorts with the right socks and on the right occasion would help you to score the brownie points in style. If you are wearing the chinos shorts then you can pick the ankle-length socks since these are barely visible. While going for a sports event or occasion try to choose the mid-thigh length socks. These socks may not be the right choice if you are looking for an aesthetic appearance.

Check the occasion

We are always under the impression that shorts are only meant to wear on the beach. You might have seen many advertisements where models flaunt shorts at the office as well. Always check the occasion before deciding on which one to wear. For example, the tan shorts would go well for beach looks but if you wish to give it a more formal look for your office wear then you can pair them with a blazer. Getting the chino shorts could be the best pick if you do not wish to get two different ones for casual as well as for formal occasions. It goes well for both events.

Check the Fabric

Since the shorts are meant for summers only make sure the fabric that you choose would suit your skin. Make sure you choose the fabric that allows the airflow. Hence you can choose from linen, cotton, seersucker or madras.

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Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.