Is Your Business Strapped for Cash? 5 Ways of Gaining Capital

Unfortunately, your business might not be doing as well as it used to. You don’t have to panic, as there are many ways you can funnel cash into it. Below, the best means are discussed. 

Venture Capitalists 

How exciting is your company’s work? Are you able to produce popular products or services? You could grab the attention of venture capitalists. They are large corporations willing to invest in companies, in exchange for an active role in it. 

Almost always, they’ll want to be directors in your company. Hopefully, you’re okay with not having full control of the business anymore. 

What’s so great about them is that they are willing to fund a lot of cash. You probably wouldn’t be able to get as much from other means. 

Crowd Funding 

There are many platforms that you can use to crowd-fund, but you can also crowd fund through social media. You’d have donators sending you cash from across the globe. 

You’ll have to advertise your company as creatively as possible, as otherwise, people won’t be interested. You can think of hiring someone to do the funding descriptions as an investment. 

In exchange for the cash, what will you be giving the donators? Thankfully not a stake in your business. You’d probably have tiers for different sizes of cash donated. You could provide each with different products/gifts/token. 

If you don’t get the sum needed, you don’t have to gift the donators anything, so it’s very low risk. 


How much does your business need? If it’s not a lot of cash, you could borrow from friends or family. You don’t have to give them anything in return, as they would just want to see your company bounce back. 

A benefit of borrowing from them instead of banks is that you won’t have to pay interest. And if you do, it won’t be as much.  

Take A Loan 

You might be in need of a large sum. Your loved ones unfortunately don’t have such a big amount to give. An option would be to work with a bank or finance house. The sum would be given almost immediately, and you could be able to stretch the payment period for years, lowering the monthly sum to be paid. Cash loans in BC are readily available. You’d easily be able to find someone that would charge interest rates that you’re more comfortable with. 

Hopefully you’re aware that your credit score influences your ability to take a loan. But bad credit loans do exist, if you need to get one. An easy way to be approved for bad credit loans would be to show your company’s assets. 

Sell Assets

Speaking of assets, you might have to rent or sell a few. You could have several computers that your business doesn’t currently need. Give them away. 

The assets could be personal ones as well. Do you have any family heirlooms? Desperate times call for desperate measures. 

It’s unfortunate that your business is not doing well, but it’s very common for all businesses to go through rough patches. There are thankfully many things you can do to solve this.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.