5 Tips on How to Deal with Gossip at Work After Divorce

5 Tips on How to Deal with Gossip at Work After Divorce

Divorce is far from the most pleasant event, which is accompanied by negative emotions. But in addition to problems with documents, a bad mood, and incomprehension of how to live on, there are many more things that are provoked by divorce. It’s about gossip.

Unfortunately, gossip is very difficult to avoid in life. People tend to actively discuss someone else’s life with particular interest. Therefore, you need to be prepared for the fact that your life will be the subject of discussion, even among your colleagues.

Yes, divorce can penetrate the realms of your life so you will need to prepare for how to deal with rumors. In such a situation, they can undermine your emotional state, and you need to maintain a healthy mind. We’ve prepared some tips to help you minimize gossip.

5 Tips to Getting Rid of Gossip in the Workplace

So what to do with gossip in the workplace? Be prepared that you can’t get rid of gossip in any way if they have already begun to spread throughout the office. But there are some tips to help you deal with them.

  • Do Not Discuss Divorce Issues with Colleagues

This is the best thing you can do to avoid discussing your personal life. If you will not talk about the fact that you now have such a challenging point, then most likely no one will know about it.

Well, to hide this negative event from prying eyes, you need to create such divorce conditions that will not cause you difficulties. To do this, you can consider such an alternative to the usual process of divorce as filing legal divorce forms in online mode. All you need is to find an online divorce service that provides such assistance and find out all the nuances. You will be informed about what should be included in the divorce package and how to proceed. This option really portends a fast online divorce. This way you save your nerves, money and avoid discussing your divorce among colleagues.

  • Do Not Start to Deny Rumors

Avoid talking with colleagues about your personal life. Minimize all conversations that relate to your private life and in no way related to the workflow. Even if you are in close contact with a colleague, try to divert the conversation regarding your divorce.

  • Rumors Can Affect Your Career

Some colleagues, especially those who are jealous of you, may use your difficult situation for their own purposes. The point is that rumors may come to the CEO that you are working poorly because of worries about divorce.

By the way, it does not matter whether this fact is true or not. Therefore, you need to do everything so that your performance does not fall. Pay all your attention to work-related issues. Otherwise, there is a risk that your unfriendly colleagues use your divorce in order to help you to get rid of a good occupation. Therefore, you should not give the least clues so that the boss began to monitor the performance of your progress.

  • Use Psychological Reception

In order for your colleagues to stop discussing personal life, you need to slightly change the appearance. If you go to work with tearful eyes and look sleepy and unkempt, then you yourself provoke your colleagues to once again discuss the reason why you have such a bad look.

Therefore, you need to go to work so that your colleagues do not have the slightest chance to discuss your personal life. It may seem strange, but it always works with respect to rumors. Discussing a beautiful look is boring quickly, so it’s a good tactic to keep evil tongues silent.

  • How to Fight Gossip If They Upset You?

Of course, not everyone can turn a blind eye to constant gossip. Especially when this happens in the process of divorce. Therefore, you need to learn not to react to this, no matter how you are provoked. There is an effective technique for this.

You need to retire, create a calm environment and begin to imagine how a strong tower is being built around you. You need to imagine everything to the smallest detail, think of what material you are building a tower around you. Think that your tower is so strong that no one can penetrate inside. Now imagine the gossips that are around the tower. You do not hear what they say, but they are angry that they cannot reach you. You are well and comfortable in your tower and you smile at how the gossips try to get to your tower without success.


Now you know how to avoid rumors about your divorce in the workplace. It is not always possible to completely eliminate them, but minimizing their occurrence is quite realistic. Follow the guidelines above and don’t let the rumors knock you down.

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