5 Signs That Alerts it’s High Time to Replace your Cabin Air Filter

Air Filters are known as the important part to deliver the maximum power for your engine. It helps to allow the airflow and keep the harmful contaminants away from intaking by the manifold as well as valve train. According to the experts it is recommended to change the air filters after every 10,000 to 15,000 miles. You can even consider replacing it after every 12 months whichever is early. If you drive frequently in the higher traffic area then it is advisable to change the air filter every 6000 miles. Failing to change the cabin air filters can get it clogged which could affect the overall performance of your car.

The Air filter helps to filter the air which is fed into the heating and air conditioning system of the vehicle. The air filter also helps to trap the pollen particles, dust and other foreign particles which prevents the pollution of the cabin. During this whole mechanism, these air filters can get dirty and hence they need to be replaced frequently for smooth function of your car. It is important to get the regular servicing of it according to the manufacturers of air filters. But how to recognize whether your air filter needs a replacement irrespective of the miles or tenure? Here is the list of symptoms that you can notice. 

Unusual Engine sounds

If you notice coughing or slipping sound in your car or it is vibrating then this could be the indication that your air filters need a replacement. You can generally notice these symptoms when your car is not moving while the engine is turned on. Generally, you should experience the smooth hum of the engine but if you are not then it is time to get your air filters changed. 

Gas Mileage 

Gas Mileage is considered as one of the common indications for air filter replacement. If your car is facing issues with a decrease in fuel efficiency then it would be the right time to change the air filters. Hence make sure you pay close attention to it. Generally, your engine tends to compensate for the lower amount of oxygen while consuming fuel for producing sufficient power. By keeping your air filters clean you would be able to save a lot on fuel. 

Misfiring Engine 

If you are facing a hard time while starting the car then it could be an issue with your air filters. The amount of airflow gets affected due to the unclean air filter. This can also cause the overly rich air-fuel blend. This highly concentrated air-fuel mixture can lead to polluting the spark plugs. This overall issue can end up causing the engine to misfire. You would notice these symptoms mostly when you face the issues starting the car engine or your car idles roughly.

Dirty Air Filters 

The new air filters look white or off white but it tends to change the colour to darker and get dirty over the time. If you check the air filters in the broad daylight or sunlight then you would be able to see the pollen or dust particles stuck on them. If you notice that the colour has been changed completely or it has got dirtier than you can consider getting the replacement for the same. If you are unable to check it from your end then you can visit the nearby service centre to get it checked and replaced. 

Reduced Horsepower

Here comes the last sign that would give you the indication to change the air filters. If your car is facing an issue with the power of acceleration then there could be an issue with the air filters.  If your car is not responding properly when you try to raise the accelerator or notice weird jerking movements then there are chances that your car is not getting the required air to perform its functions. If you are facing this issue frequently then make sure to get the air filters of your car checked and replaced immediately. Apart from this if your car is omitting the black smoke or flames exiting from the exhaust then it is time to get your air filters checked by the mechanic.

If you notice any of the above-mentioned symptoms then make sure you visit your mechanic immediately. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.