5 Reasons Why to Use an Office Chair Cushion

Many people do not realize how important it is to their overall health to maintain correct posture at all times. Maintaining proper posture helps to keep everything in our body in the appropriate position. When we allow ourselves to slouch or slump and do not maintain correct posture, it can negatively affect several core functions in our body. 

Maintain Correct Posture When Seated

Maintaining proper posture while being seated for longer than a few minutes will require you to invest in chair cushions. You will need a cushion to support your lower back to maintain proper posture the whole time you are seated. Your core muscles can only provide you with support for a short period before becoming exhausted, and your body will naturally begin to slump.  

You will also need an additional cushion for the seat of your chair. This cushion will help evenly distribute the pressure created in your joints when you are seated. Using the correct seat cushion will ensure the pressure is distributed throughout your hips and thighs, allowing everything in your body to stay in its proper location. 

Benefits to Using Chair Cushions

There are several benefits to using chair cushions, but these are the most significant benefits and reasons to invest in quality support for your chairs. 

  1. Comfort

Chair cushions make any seat exponentially more comfortable. They help make any chair more ergonomic and, by default, make the chair more enjoyable. You will want to purchase slightly firm seat cushions, so they offer the support you need. Finding the delicate balance between comfort and support will be vital in finding the best chair cushions. 

  1. Spine Health

Maintaining a healthy spine is the only way to avoid suffering from chronic back pain. A healthy spine is curved. The most significant curve is concave and located at the bottom half of the spine. Most chairs have a straight back and offer no support for this part of your back.  To ensure your spine stays in its proper alignment, you will need to invest in a seat cushion that supports this area.  

  1. Joint Health

When you are seated, you are placing more pressure on your joints. The bottom of your Spine is the location of your tail bone, and it experiences 3 times more stress when you are seated in a traditional chair than when you are standing. The addition of a seat cushion will help spread this pressure out evenly between all the joints in your hips and thighs. By spreading the pressure evenly, you allow your joints to remain in good health longer. 

  1. Circulatory Health

Any time your spine, other bones, or joints come out of alignment or have unnecessary pressure, it affects your whole body. It can significantly affect your circulatory system and sometimes completely cut off blood flow to certain parts of your body. Have you ever noticed that your foot falls asleep quickly when you sit in certain places? Your foot falls asleep so soon because it is not receiving an adequate amount of blood flow in that position. 

  1. Digestive Health

As mentioned earlier, when your spine is not correctly aligned, it can cause issues thought our many of the systems in your body. The digestive system is greatly affected when your spine does not remain in the correct position. It is imperative to your digestive health that you maintain good posture. When you do not, you can cause unnecessary kinks and obstruction in your digestive system, slowing your digestion and causing other problems.  

 Types of Chair Cushions You Need

You will need 2 different seat cushions to provide adequate support for your body when you have to be seated for an extended period. 

  • Back Cushion

A back cushion supporting your lumbar, also known as the lower back, will be needed anytime you have to be seated for more than just a few minutes. The only way your spine can stay aligned is if you set it with the correct posture. Sitting this way for an extended period with no support is impossible because your core muscles eventually become exhausted, and you start to slump. You will want to make sure to find a cushion that is firm enough to give you the support you need. 

  • Seat Cushion

A seat cushion helps spread the pressure placed on your lower back and tail bone when seated—the pressure increase by 300% when you sit. When you use a seat cushion, it will evenly distribute the weight between all of the joints in the area of your hips and bottom.  It also helps to make sure that your hips stay aligned while you are seated, which also helps to keep your spine in alignment, 

Time to Invest in Your Health

If you were asking yourself, “Why buy a chair cushion?” you now know it is to help maintain your health. When you invest in quality back and seat cushions, you are investing in your health. Today is the day to go ahead and purchase chair cushions that will give your body the support it needs. You will be reaping all the benefits before you know it. 


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