Why Having Passengers in the Car is Dangerous for Young Drivers

When you reach sweet sixteen, you may decide it’s time to learn to drive. While driving at a young age gives you more independence, many people believe 16 is too young to drive because of lack of experience and immaturity.

Once you obtain your driver’s license, it’s understandable you’ll want to pick up your friends and go for a ride. However, having passengers in the car can be a huge distraction and increase your risk of a car accident. With that in mind, here are some reasons why it’s best to avoid having passengers in your car until you gain experience and feel more comfortable behind the wheel.

Less Observant

Research has shown that young drivers show poorer attention when on the road when they are not alone in the car. If you have passengers in the vehicle, you may spend more time talking to your friends, rather than concentrating on what’s in front of you. Many young drivers fail to recognize the responsibility on their shoulders when behind the steering wheel. If you’re not observing the rules of the road, this will increase the risk of a car accident, meaning you may need to search for a car accident lawyer in Rochester should you get into a one.

Less Able to Anticipate Hazards

There are all kinds of hazards young drivers need to be aware of. Whether it’s a car door opening, pedestrians, vehicles emerging from junctions, or vehicles coming out of driveways, if you have passengers in the car, you will be less able to anticipate hazards. When learning to drive, you may not have come up against such hazards, so it’s wise to gain experience under your belt and be more aware of the different kinds of road hazards before allowing others in your car.

More Likely to Speed

Many young drivers like to show off to their friends. If you’re the first out of the group to learn how to drive, you will want to create a great first impression on your buddies. Unfortunately, some young drivers do this by speeding. The faster you speed, the more risk you’re at of getting seriously injured. What’s more, if you speed, you will need a longer stoppage distance if you spot a hazard. Shockingly, the per-mile crash rate for teen drivers is four times higher when compared to drivers aged 20 and over. Speeding kills, so you must follow the rules of the road to ensure you and your passengers get from A to B safely.

Less Control

Driving a car brings great responsibility. As a young driver, you may not be aware of how your actions can turn deadly. If you’re not in full control of your car, it only takes one hazard to throw you off the road and result in a serious car accident. Your eyes need to be always glued to what’s in front of you.

While there are an array of benefits that driving brings, many young drivers simply don’t have the experience and confidence to control a vehicle while passengers are in it. If you’re easily distracted or want to show off to your friends, this can not only put you and your passengers at risk but others on the road too.


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