Why Online Directories Are Critical Online Identity Boosters

The internet has made it easy for businesses to be found by potential customers, but only those that use the right marketing strategy can truly enjoy this benefit. Unlike years ago when customers would use phone books to find the location of your business, people are nowadays using smartphones to do the same. In fact, 88% of customers who search for local businesses online using their mobile phones interact with the searched businesses within 24 hours, according to Impact Bnd.

When it comes to making your corporation discoverable, it is never enough to have a great website or social media presence. Sometimes getting the right information from your business enlisted in online directories can take you miles further by enhancing your online identity. Still not convinced?

Here are a few more amazing reasons to enlist your new business in the various online directories:

Boost the Rank of Your Business

Once you learn what is an LLC, C Corporation and S Corporation, and you have maybe already incorporated your business, you will need any publicity boost you can find. Luckily, search engines use online directories to tell legitimate companies apart from the less trustworthy ones. As they crawl through the web, these engines look for information about your local business, including your business’ name, your address and the official phone number.

It is therefore essential to uphold consistency in the business details that you enlist in the various online directories as well as other social platforms. In return, search engines will tend to promote your business by ranking it high in their search results. This means more business for your corporation.

Secure Your Online Identity

Listing your new business in as many directories as possible will only take you so far if you do not walk the extra mile to secure the listings of your company. This will involve opening different accounts with the different online directories and confirming the information on them. Additionally, you can also add a password to your accounts to make it tough for third-party individuals from changing the details of your business.

With the help of common listing manager services, you can review and change the information in multiple listings at the same time. This will help protect you from having the wrong information posted about your business since some listings might use bots to collect information about your company that is almost always wrong.

Establish a Strong Reputation

Reviews mean everything when it comes to making a choice between any two businesses. Customers will typically trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Luckily, most online directories allocate online review segments which will increase the chances of your company attracting customers.

To encourage customers to leave reviews on your business, leave links to your website or online directory page, on invoices and email newsletters. It is also wise to respond to the comments on your directory page. While thanking the positive reviewers is wise, taking some time to assess the issues of negative reviewers instead of overreacting to them is essential.

Build a Consistent Business Identity

Consistent business information will do more than help you rank well. Customers often get frustrated once they find out that the phone numbers on your website or listings are wrong or have been disconnected. It can further be disappointing for a customer to go to your physical business location only to find that it is not open.

Reviewing the details on the different online listings will help build some consistency. Consequently, customers will feel more obliged to do business with you.


Discoverability is an invaluable trait in today’s business world. It determines whether your corporation will thrive or crash and burn amidst other competitors. As long as you can maintain consistency in your online presence, you can get to fortify your business.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.