What You Can Do If Between Residences When Selling Your Home and Moving for a Job

Selling your home can be a stressful time whether you get a great offer or not. Everyone understands what a nightmare it can be to pack up all of your things and move. Even if you hire a moving company, you might be stressed that you won’t be able to find something important to you. The added stress comes when you have to find another home. Finding another home outside of your current city for a job is a common occurrence in the professional world. The last thing you want to do is to make a rash decision and find a home/apartment that doesn’t fit your needs. The following are tips to help you when you are between residences when moving for a job. 

If Moving in the City, Talk to Your Real Estate Agent 

If you are moving to a new city, your real estate agent might have a contact that can help you there. You should provide them with pertinent details of what you want in a new home. This can allow you to start viewing homes as soon as you make your move. Do not make any quick decisions but if a home feels right to you, put in an offer that aligns with your budget. 

Consider Temporary Apartments

Temporary apartments can be a lifesaver if moving for a job. You might have a start date but have not found a new home or permanent apartment. The homebuying process can be lengthy when it comes to closing dates, which can leave you in a state of limbo. Quick closing agents might be your best options especially if you are a cash buyer. Cash buyers are rare but it is possible your old city had a far higher cost of living. This means that you can get a comparable house for much cheaper. For those moving to a city with a much higher cost of living like New York City, the chances of being a cash buyer are far less. Ask about how long it will take to close as this can allow you to make temporary housing arrangements. 

Temporary apartments will have all of the amenities of home and will be cleaned regularly. This will allow you to focus on your new role instead of scrambling to the laundromat to clean your office attire. Being able to rejuvenate in these apartments is far easier than if you stay at a hotel for an extended period. 

Use Staff at Your New Job as Information Sources 

The staff at your new job can be a great information source if you want to know the best parts of a city to live in. This might include the best area to live in that is close to the office. Most of your new coworkers will be happy to help and it is a great way to break the ice. 

Being between residences when moving for a job can be stressful. Use the tips above to help with your search and allow you to start your new job off in the right fashion.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.