What Is the Best Photo Recovery Software In 2021?

As a computer user, at some point, you will need to use photo recovery software. It is very easy to accidentally delete photos from your drive, just as it is to delete other files.

Deleting the wrong files and folders accidentally can be the most devastating experience in a computer user’s life. However, you do not need to sweat as several data recovery software in the market will help you recover virtually anything – from documents such as photos to entire folders.

Some of the photo recovery software in the market offer free services. However, there is also a number that offers paid-up services. The difference is in the magnitude of work you intend to do, the type of files you need to recover, and other added user experiences. Read on to find out which is the best photo recovery software in 2021 from our list of reliable photo recovery software. This material can definitely help you explore the best opportunities for yourself.

The Best Photo Recovery Software In 2021


Disk Drill (Windows And Mac)

This is one of the highly developed software computer users use to regain possession of lost data. It is a highly functioning application that is fast and easy. Besides, you do not need any experience to make good use of the software. 

Disk Drill by CleverFiles is reliable and gives users a free trial version. The free version gives you up to 500MB of free recovery for Windows and a free preview of recovered data for macOS.

Key Features

  • A good user interface that makes it easier to recover photos in just a few clicks
  • Advanced scanning algorithms with the ability to recognize over 400 filetypes 
  • Free data protection tools
  • Quick scanning and data recovery
  • Supports nearly all the available types of disk-based devices
  • Deep scan to locate and reconstruct deleted files 

This tool can be used on pc, memory cards, hard disk, internal and external hard drives, and USB flash drives. You should not therefore, you do not need to worry whether the lost photos are in your smartphone, digital camera, or tablet. As the best photo recovery software in 2021, this software will also help you recover data from a damaged partition. This is an actual problem when you work with equipment and files.

How It Works

Disk Drill data software is relatively easy to. You only need to download the software is and install it on your Windows or Mac device. It also provides the same experience for everyone, whether inexperienced or a technology expert. 

Regardless of the devices you choose to use, you will lose no features of Disk Drill. Search and select the files you need to recover and let the software do the rest to retrieve your photos. 

Once the scanning is completed, the tool gives you a full list of photos that you can select for recovery. Because the software also helps you recover non-photo documents, you are likely to get other files, such as videos, documents, and others, lost through accidental deletion or corruption by a virus.

Why This Software Is The Best

 Here are some of the genuine reasons to use Disk Drill photo recovery below:

  • You will no longer worry about how to recover deleted photos, whether the deletion was on purpose or by accident, 
  • You can have your damaged photos constructed and can also use them on devices other than pc. 
  • It ensures no damages are done on your device while supporting data recovery for pc. 
  • It helps you to back up your photos for future retrieval safely. Also, it caters to the needs of both professionals and beginners in the world of technology. 
  • It helps you recover data from a damaged partition

Other Photo Recovery Software To Use

Other than Disk Drill photo recovery solutions, there are several other alternative photo recovery apps in the market to consider. Let’s look at some of these below:

1.    Recuva (Windows)

Recuva offers both paid and free solutions to your photo recovery needs. It is a simple photo recovery tool that users can recover lost images on several storage devices such as DVDs and CDS. It, however works on Windows only. 

Key Features

  • Unlimited free recovery
  • Can securely erase files
  • Two GUIs for novice and advanced users 
  • Good scanning speed

2.    PhotoRec (Windows, Mac, and Linux)

This is yet another free software that offers lost photo recovery for over 480 types of files. However, it requires additional storage to hold recovery results and does not have preview capabilities. Besides, it does not recover file names and folder structures. 

Key Features 

  • Free unlimited recovery
  • Recovers files on disk-based storage and SD cards
  • Freeware updated annually 
  • Many file signatures supported 
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