Used Car Dealership Marketing Tips

As an auto dealership owner, it’s crucial that you develop a strategic marketing plan to attract and convert leads into customers. Here are some used car dealership marketing tips that will help.

Promoting your pre-owned inventory online is one of the most effective car dealer marketing ideas, enabling consumers to search for cars they are interested in while giving you a chance to form relationships.

1. Optimize Your Website

Optimized websites are essential components of any successful used car dealership marketing strategy, helping potential buyers locate your site more easily. Leveraging keywords strategically can increase visibility.

Start off by conducting keyword research to understand which search terms your potential customers use when looking for car dealers, then incorporate those keywords into your content.

Engaging content updates on a regular basis are vital to maintaining high search engine rankings and drawing in new customers. Writing educational blog posts that educate potential buyers on various subjects ranging from financing to maintenance can also be very effective ways of building customer relations.

2. Create a Social Media Presence

Establishing a social media presence for your dealership can help raise brand recognition, engage consumers and drive sales. And you do not need a master’s degree education for it. However, selecting appropriate platforms depends on both your target audience and brand identity.

Utilizing photos and videos is one of the best social media marketing strategies for car dealers, drawing in customers with new cars while increasing engagement from your target audience. By sharing posts featuring happy customers with brand new vehicles or showing pictures of happy employees you will captivate and attract a larger following on social media.

Engaging customers through social media is another effective way to build customer relations, so make sure you monitor at least once daily your social pages for comments, questions and complaints from consumers. Consumers expect instantaneous responses from dealers; therefore it is vitally important that dealers quickly address them via their pages.

3. Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective strategies for promoting your dealership, helping drive new sales and create strong customer relationships that lead to increased profits over time.

An effective email strategy should engage and reward your customers by sending them emails tailored to them, creating an experience they feel connected with your dealership, encouraging repeat purchases and referrals.

4. Create a Content Marketing Strategy

An effective content marketing strategy for your dealership can help build trust with prospects and draw traffic to its website, while simultaneously increasing search engine results pages (SERPs).

Create blog posts, infographics and videos that address common car buyer queries or offer comparison shopping guides – this will set your business apart and establish you as an authority in car matters.

5. Utilize Google Ads

One of the best ways for used car dealerships to advertise is with Google Ads – an affordable way of reaching potential customers and generating leads.

To maximize Google Ads for used car dealerships, it is key to select keywords relevant to what products and services are provided so as to maximize return on investment and drive additional sales. By doing this, your return on investment should increase as well as additional sales made.

Google offers various types of ads you can run, including search, video, and display ads.

6. Utilize Native Ads in Car Enthusiast Publications

One effective way of showcasing your dealership’s inventory is through native ads in car enthusiast publications. These advertisements can drive traffic back to your website and increase social media following, and ultimately boost sales. When using native ads it’s best to place them where relevant on a page for maximum impact and ROI.

For optimal results, ads should appear on the right-hand side of a user’s screen. One effective way of doing this is through Google AdWords which offers targeted campaigns for audiences with specific needs and audiences that match those needs.

7. Utilize Google Display Network

One effective way of increasing customer exposure for your dealership is through Google Display Network. With more than 2 billion websites included in its coverage area, this tool enables businesses to target users based on what they’re searching for online, their location and other factors relevant to each user.

Advertising campaigns geared toward building brand recognition can not only generate leads, but also build brand loyalty among your potential buyers and services users. By targeting specific keywords in your market, this type of advertisement allows you to reach customers that are actively searching their options before encouraging them to visit you for their purchase decision.


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