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Dee is a well-respected business journalist with a deep understanding of global financial markets and a talent for uncovering the stories behind the numbers. With over 20 years of experience covering the business beat, Dee is known for his in-depth reporting and analysis of industry trends, as well as his ability to make complex financial concepts understandable to a wide audience.

4 Risks of Using Outdated Software and Hardware in Your Business

Technology is a necessary component in the business operations of any given industry. It helps businesses work more efficiently and productively, as modern technology has the potential to automate processes, reduce costs, and improve communication. However, using outdated software and hardware can lead to major issues in your business, which may affect your data security […]

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City Traders Imperium Review

The global foreign exchange market has an average daily turnover of over $6.6 trillion, which makes it the largest financial market globally. Finding a reputable forex trading firm as a financial trader looking to succeed in this competitive industry is essential. City Traders Imperium is a proprietary trading company that offers funded trading plans and […]

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Hot Off the Pans: What are Canada’s Freshest Markets to Buy a Restaurant Right Now?

There’s no better place than Canada to open a restaurant: with polite people, a multicultural food scene, and business-friendly policies, this great northern country may be chilly, but its markets certainly aren’t! If you have a passion for service and a deep love of food, you’ve probably considered opening your own restaurant before. However, the […]

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