Top Three Broker-Designed Mobile Trading Apps

In 2019, every serious forex, CFD and stock trader must have a trading app in their toolbox. Without an app, the trader won’t be able to trade on the go, and he will most likely miss many tradeable opportunities. It will also give his competitors an advantage over him since they will be able to trade around the clock while he will be limited to trading on a computer.

Better yet, the market is growing so rapidly that brokers are in constant competition trying to out-rank each other, meaning the trading apps are consistently being improved.

Now, as a trader, you have two options when it comes to trading apps. You can either choose a broker that’s using third-party software or you can pick a broker that has developed their own software. There are benefits of both options, and in the end, it’s a personal decision.

If you’re looking to use a mobile trading app developed by a broker we can help point you in the right direction and below, we have listed three of the best broker-designed mobile trading apps on the market.


eToro has been a leading forex and CFD broker for many years, and they have established a reputation of being some of the earliest adopters of new tech.

Besides offering a world-class trading platform and a more than satisfying selection of tradable assets, eToro has something that all other brokers lack. The eToro copy trading platform and social trading network allows traders to interact with each other but also copy other successful traders.

For example, traders can share all of their successful trades with the community, and they can easily search for and copy other traders. This means that traders can avoid having to analyze the market for themselves and instead rely on other traders’ analytic work. It also creates a sense of community among the traders.

Naturally, all of this is not only available on the desktop platform but also for all the traders that prefer to trade on mobile.

After signing up for an account with eToro, you can download their trading app to Android or iOS and start copy trading on your smartphone right away.


AvaTrade is another excellent broker that has decided to focus their effort on providing a more “traditional” trading experience on a range of industry-leading platforms.

AvaTradeGO is the name of AvaTrade’s mobile trading app, and it’s nothing short of incredible. The app is readily available for both Android and iOS, it runs very smoothly, and is easy to use. Moreover, all of the tools and features you might need are readily available, and with a range of instruments and alarms, you can set up the software to work seamlessly with your trading strategy.

If you’re looking to start trading on a mobile platform for the first time ever, or you want a trading app that is as similar to a desktop software as possible, then we suggest you go with AvaTrade and the AvaTradeGO app.

In addition, AvaTrade also offers the MetaTrader 4 platform which is one of the most used platforms on the market. Naturally, the MetaTrader 4 also comes in a mobile version that’s great to trade with, although it was not developed by AvaTrade themselves.

IQ Option

IQ Option is the go-to broker for all traders that like state of the art software, a wide range of instruments including one of the biggest selections of cryptocurrencies on the market, and a modern brand.

With the IQ Option trading app, you can trade hundreds of attractive assets, currency pairs and cryptocurrencies wherever you are. Better yet, the app is well-designed and a pleasure to use. The app was designed to be easy to understand so that you can start trading immediately without the need for videos and tutorials.

Obviously, the app is available on both Android and iOS and can be easily downloaded from IQ Option or any of the app stores.

Chances are that you’ve heard about IQ Option before, especially if you’re into trading cryptocurrencies. You see, besides running a forex and CFD trading platform, IQ Option has also developed a mobile-friendly cryptocurrency exchange called Hodly.

Final Thoughts

Looking for a broker that supports mobile trading and develops their own software? Look no further.

In the post above, you can find three brokers that not only excel as mobile brokers but that have also developed their own trading software.
Depending on what you prefer to trade, whether or not you like copy features, or if cryptocurrencies are your go-to-market, the above-mentioned apps will fit you differently. In our opinion, the best way to test any of the apps is to sign up for a risk-free demo account or an olymp trade demo with the said broker and take the app for a test drive.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.