4 Benefits of Employee Scheduling Software

Savvy restaurateurs always keep their eyes open for new ways to make their business run better, and one of the vital new tools for improving staff management is employee scheduling software. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits this software delivers to understand its newfound popularity.

Schedule Creation Made Efficient

Employees scheduling software is a cloud-based app specifically designed for restaurants that reduces the time it takes to make a schedule by as much as 80%. This is the app’s main function. It uses predictive technology to automate bar and restaurant rotas and it doesn’t require inputs from employees, and makes it easy to manually find out the information managers need from their employees.

Now, employees no longer need to wait to submit their availability on a physical calendar in the restaurant’s staff room, and managers don’t need to waste time wondering when their employees can work. The give and take of this vital information is exponentially faster, because employees can submit this information on the go from their phone using intuitive drag-and-drop features.

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Employees and managers receive notifications on their phone when they need to connect, so the whole process happens faster. This software makes it possible to manage employees easily with the right app because it delivers far more functions than just restaurant scheduling.

Time Clocking

Employee scheduling software also performs a secure and sophisticated time-clocking function. In addition to knowing when employees start and end their shift, it provides important insights about sales, budget, and staff attendance.

You can also program it to set limits on early check-ins, enforce break periods, and prevent unauthorized punches. This software can also automatically clock employees out of their shift by a certain time if they have forgot to do so themselves. It makes it easy to keep staff fresh with customized breaks — you don’t need to sign “in” or “out,” you can indicate you’re going on a “coffee break” or a “lunch break.” This gives more precise information and better reflects what’s going on inside your restaurant.

POS Integration

Employee scheduling software is able to connect with the Point of Sales system you already use, to ensure labour compliance and unlock all kinds of important data you need to improve business operations.

Manager Log Books

Employee scheduling software also makes it incredibly easy for managers to track information they need to understand how the business is really faring. This includes sales data, weather info (important for restaurants with patios), daily labour costs, and more. All managers can be kept in sync with the push of a button, and because it’s cloud-based, the managerial staff doesn’t need to be physically inside the restaurant to access the data they need.

Creating a successful restaurant still requires effective employee management, communication, and organization and more. But modern restaurants have the benefit of technology that streamlines these processes. Now, it’s easier for restaurants to focus on cooking great food!

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.