Top 7 Promotional Products You Should Get That Will Help Your Business

All entrepreneurs want their businesses to succeed and one of the key ingredients to that is know what your consumers want. Every business works hard to ensure that as many people as possible know about it and what they have to offer. One of the most effective marketing strategies for both small and large businesses is to create promotional products. These are free gifts or items sold at a discounted price.

Promotional products are ideal for boosting brand visibility, augmenting customer loyalty, improving lead generation, and developing better customer relationships. In addition, they are very affordable. Many businesses often allocate funds to purchase these gifts. In the event that they lack funds, they will often get the best debt consolidation plan or the best business loan to help with their finances. The key in selecting excellent promotional products is to work with products that consumers will keep and then use repeatedly.

Here are the top 7 products to help your business go to the next level:

  • Drinkware.

This has got to be the most used promotional product there is, but this is because it works! Promotional drinkware includes a wide range of products including ceramic mugs, water bottles, glasses and so much more. Whether they are drinking a hot cup of coffee to get them jump started for the day, or a mug of hot chocolate before bed, people are drinking all the time. A great mug or cup is ideal. Water bottles are also a big deal these days, because everyone is working at being healthy and water is the number one way to stay hydrated. People carry water when they exercise, in the car, at the office, just about everywhere.

  • Writing instruments.

Promotional pens never go out of style. They work for most businesses because they are useful, and consumers tend to keep them, and they are affordable for the company whether it be large or small. The one thing to remember is that getting any old cheap pen and branding it does not work. The idea is to impress one’s customers while still promoting the business. They should be high quality pens that work well, and they should be representative of your brand. Ensure that branded pens are used in the office by employees, and even given out to customers whenever there are events. These small items are powerful when it comes to building brand recognition.

  • Power banks and chargers.

With smartphones taking over the mobile phone industry, it makes sense to take advantage of this for promotional purposes. Everybody loves a good power bank. They are useful and have a high staying power. These products are therefore a hit with consumers. Alternatively, an organization can opt to give out chargers. Since most people end up using their smart phones and tablets just about constantly, batteries tend to run down fast. Even though each item has a charger, everyone can testify to losing their charger or forgetting it in the house or at work when they need it the most. An additional charger, becomes an advantage and thus chargers are ideal as promotional items.

  • T- Shirts.

These have been a hit for a long time because T-shirts are comfortable and worn just about everywhere. People will wear a T-shirt to the gym, to a party, to just hang out, to shop, and to bed among other places. If a comfortable T-shirt in a great color is coupled with funny wording and a cool design, one can be sure that it will be worn a lot, and will therefore boost the company brand.

  • Tote Bags.

Tote bags have been used as promotional items for a long time. Consumers love them because they are useful items and can be used for a long time. Most times they are given out at tradeshows and they are used by most people repeatedly, creating a lot of impressions over time. Remember that the idea is to create something that people will want to carry when going out whether to the store or for some other errands. This way, lots of people will see the tote bag, and will be reminded of the company and the brand.

  • Custom Calendars.

This is another hit that has done well over the years. Not only is your brand promoted, but the calendar remains useful for a full year. Calendars therefore give repeated impressions to those who encounter them, and with that create brand recognition that is quite strong over time. They should be used within the company and handed out to customers as well. By utilizing one’s promotional products within the company, employees and customers develop brand unity which goes a long way in facilitating employee and customer loyalty.

  • Desk Accessories.

These are ideal for creating repeated brand impressions on customers and employees as well. Desk accessories include pens, desk calendars, note pads and so much more.  In fact, by using these items, a company to brand public areas and private offices thus creating brand unity and brand recognition among its consumers.

Selecting promotional items is extremely important. Ensure that they are useful items with high durability, so that they can make many repeated impressions and boost customer loyalty on those who encounter them.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.