Is Billboard Advertising Still Relevant?

You see a sign. 

You pass this sign while driving the highway home from work at night. 

After you pass the sign a few times, you make a purchase based on the contents of the sign. This is the ultimate goal of marketing. 

The sign that you saw was a billboard. Keep reading for more information on billboard advertising effectiveness in today’s marketplace:

Characteristics of Effective Billboards

Billboards that are successful in their marketing efforts have a few characteristics that help them stand out and reach the target audience.

  • Emotion: The contents of the billboard draw an emotional reaction that causes you to interact with the message and retain the information after you have driven onward. 
  • Visible: You should be able to read the billboard from a far distance with ease. 
  • Proper Location: The billboards are located in an area that receives a high amount of traffic. They can use the location or nearby landmarks in their message to make it more relevant to the customer. 
  • Memorable: In order for the billboard to work, it needs to be remembered after the customer has passed by. Billboards that share a call-to-action or tell a story are the ones that stand out. 
  • Avoid Distraction: The best billboards can get their message across without causing an accident on the road. You want your billboard to quickly grab the attention of the customer and allow them to keep an eye on the road. 
  • Few Words: Reading and driving are difficult, so less is more when it comes to written words on a billboard. Keeping the message short and allowing the visuals to communicate the rest is key. 

Effective billboards are able to use these characteristics and connect to the customers in the very short time that they have their attention. 

Statistics Show Billboard Advertising Effectiveness

71% of Americans consciously look at the messages on billboards while they are driving. This shows that the messages are able to reach the customers at a time when they are focused on the road. 

It is important to brainstorm marketing ideas that would work in this format prior to spending money on the effort. Not every company’s product or service will work on a billboard. The messaging needs to cause the customer to act at a later time in order to be effective. 

If your business is new or in the rebranding stage, you could use a billboard to increase brand awareness in an area where your target customers are located. This will allow the customer to become familiar with your logo and message in a subtle but important way. 

Learn More About Marketing and Advertising

Billboard advertising effectiveness is still high and can be another tool that you use in your marketing efforts. It might be pricier than advertising on most channels, but it’s worth every penny. 

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Greg Trim

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