Thousand Oaks Moving Companies and The Tips To Move Your Business Successfully To A New Area

When you are a business owner, you always look for ways to make your business grow. Growth means that you have more clients, customers, or projects. This also means that you need to hire more employees, and when this happens, you will need more office space. Growth also means that you might have to relocate your office to an area where you can generate even more business.

Moving is not a walk in the park, especially when it is your business that you need to move. The logistics is much more complicated than moving into a new house. Here are some tips on how you can do that from moving companies Thousand Oaks:

  1. Every business relocation starts with a plan. If you want to move your business, you need to plan the logistics or it’s going to be a nightmare. Transitions take time so you need to plan your move at least six months to a year in advance. This also depends on how big the company is. The bigger the company, the more stuff that are needed to be moved.

    Form a team that will handle the move. It is easier when you have a group of people brainstorming and formulating a plan.

  2. Determine how much space you need, set a budget, and find a new location. If you are going to move your business, it means that you are either growing or are about to grow exponentially. This means you need a bigger space than what you currently have. Make a rough estimate of how many employees you will potentially hire in a span of one year and how much space is needed for them.

    Set a budget that you can afford. This is probably the most important factor when you are moving. Aside from the rent, you need to take into account other costs such as utilities, insurance, renovation, and maintenance.

    When you have determined the budget, it is time to research locations. There are so many factors that could influence the new location. You need to consider your employees if you want to keep them. There’s also the accessibility of location to clients and suppliers. You will need to decide whether you need parking spaces, and if the new location is near public transit. Don’t forget that you may also need a place that will have room for more growth in the future.

  3. Make an inventory of the things you want to move. Having a list of things that you want to move to the new office will make it easier for you and your employees. Create a spreadsheet and track all items there. By using this list, you will know what kind of truck you will need on the day of the move, what types of packing materials you need to purchase, and you will have an idea how long the move is going to take.

    Give this same spreadsheet to the person overseeing the packing. That person can label the boxes and then update the sheet so everybody will know what is inside each box and which room it should go to without opening the boxes. It is more organized and time-efficient.

  4. Hire a moving company. Perhaps you have had suggestions that all you need to do is hire a large truck and a few people to load and unload the boxes. It is, after all, cheaper. While this may be true, you need to understand that moving a business needs to be methodical. Expert movers have the training and experience. You would not want to have everything dumped on your lobby and leave it there. Moving companies have established a system that benefits both them and their clients.

    Look for movers in your area by using Google such as in this video:
  5. Notify your clients and the general public. A couple of months before the business moves, make sure that someone is in charge of informing the clients that you are moving and where the new location is. And even when you have done that, leave a sign at your old office that you have moved and where to find you. The general public should also be informed. There may be those who are planning on being your clients in the future.


Moving a business may take a lot of work, but the benefits of having a bigger office space in an area where you can make your business grow even bigger is quite rewarding and worth all the effort. Follow these very simple steps and you will see that the process is so much easier, and the team handling that move won’t be unnecessarily stressed.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.