5 Tips For A Smoother Business Relocation

Growth is a part of business, and with it comes change. When a business wants better and bigger things, it should be receptive to change. In the corporate world, growth is what everybody aims for.

A good CEO seeks new ventures that could help the company grow. However, that could also mean venturing to new places in order to find better opportunities and markets for the business. While this may sound a bit simple and uncomplicated, the minor details such as moving the whole office can be daunting.

When doing a business relocation, moving the entire office is not the only thing you have to worry about. Each employee needs all their stuff packed and moved as well. However, business opportunities are not going to wait so if you need to move, you have to do it fast and as smoothly as possible.

Here are some tips on how you can do that.

  1. Plan the move as early as you possibly can.

Put together a team that will take care of all the planning. Business relocation could take 6 months to a year of planning, depending on how large the company is. You cannot decide to relocate just a month before. If you do, the logistics is going to be a nightmare. Having a team that can create a solid plan will make the move smoother.

Make sure you call for snack delivery for your office especially when the team works late.

  1. Look for a commercial space and plan the layout.

There are plenty of commercial spaces that are for rent, but not all will meet the needs of your business. It is crucial that you hunt for a space to rent at least a year before moving in so that you can find one that suits the company. You can rent commercial office space on Gumtree and other similar websites.

When you have finalized the contract, you need to start planning the layout. It needs to be functional, flexible, and convenient for everybody. You need to do a thorough check of the building and determine what needs to be redone. You may want to repaint some walls or maybe have an air conditioner installed. If you need help with your AC installation, you can contact experienced companies like Magnolia to ensure everything runs smoothly. Utilities need to be checked. It can be a nightmare when you move and you find out there is no water.

  1. Hire commercial movers.

Professional movers are trained to pack and transport your office equipment, furniture, and files. They also reinstall everything in the new office space. If you are based in London, here’s where you can find the best mover to hire https://whatmanandvan.co.uk/man-with-van-london/ for your office relocation. Not only do they help with moving, but they also reinstall everything in the new office space. They also have a team that provides them with a plan on how to move everything smoothly and according to plan.

If there is one mistake that businesses often commit, it is hiring commercial movers just a few days before the moving date. There so many things that could go wrong if you also make this same mistake. There may be no movers available on the date that you want or they could charge you too much because they know you’re desperate.

Making an appointment a month or two ahead of time is best. Also, make sure the moving company is covered by insurance.

Maybe there are plenty of options; however, all of them cannot provide you with every service you require and the highest quality possible. To help you ease the search process, you should take a look at Office Moves Sydney. They can also be used as a reference if you want to compare other options near you with a great service.

  1. Decide what stuff goes to the new building and what needs to go.

If the business has been in operation for a long time now, undoubtedly, the company has accumulated a lot of stuff that are no longer needed, but is still kept somewhere in the building. Ask the team in charge of the planning to make a list of things that needs to go such as an old furniture or a damaged file cabinet. These things can still be donated so have them picked up before the moving date.

  1.  Label all the boxes.

When you have a room full of boxes and you have absolutely no idea which ones go where, it is not fun at all. However, when you take a little extra time when you are packing files and you label each box, it will make your life much easier after the move.

You will immediately know which room in the office building should each box have to go. On the day of the move, it does not matter if the moving company makes a mistake and put one box in the wrong room.


Business relocation can be exciting, especially when you think about where the company has headed and all that it can achieve. You only need to make sure that the start of this new direction is smooth and worry-free. Following all the tips above will ensure that the transition is going to be less of a hassle than you believe it could be.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.