Employees and Coffee: How To Make Your Workplace More Inviting For Your Workers

The productivity of your workers can make or break the success of your business. If your employees are always energized to work, they can become more productive, allowing your business to satisfy more customers every day. When this happens, your workers can accomplish more orders in less time, which can lead to a better brand image. If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to achieve all of these things, exert time and effort in making your workplace more inviting. Doing this might seem like a simple task, but it can actually do wonders for your workers and business.

Aside from enticing customers and working with credible shareholders, as an entrepreneur, you should always prioritize the wellness of your workers. If customers are the lifeblood of your business, your employees are the mechanism that keeps your business running. One way that you could look after the wellness of your workers is by utilizing the most common office beverage: coffee. Coffee has a lot of health benefits, as well types, which you can look up in Homegrounds.co. To make your workplace more inviting for employees through coffee, follow these tips:

1. Make the office more comfortable by adding extra amenities for your workers.

As the name suggests, the workplace should be an area where your workers should be productive. They should meet their daily responsibilities in order for the business to operate. But this doesn’t mean that everything in your workplace should be about work itself; you should also strive to make it more comfortable for your workers. You can do this simply by allocating one area for your workers’ coffee break. If your budget and space allows, you can even add unique seating arrangements and comfy tables to this area. This makeshift “coffee break area” should make it easy for your workers to lounge and relax in the middle of a busy working day.

2.    Encourage movement and flow by making the coffee dispenser available for everyone.

Coffee is essential in every workplace. Most workers would consider this as their fuel to keep them going every day. Aside from making sure that your workers get the right amount of caffeine every single day, pay attention to the location of the coffee dispenser as well. As much as possible, this should be placed in a location convenient for all of your workers. With the wide variety of coffee dispenser models available today, it’s critical that you choose one which suits your available office space or break room. Don’t invest in a coffee dispenser which will only cramp up your space and restrict movement among your workers.

3.    Enhance your workers’ creativity through a coffee bar.

As mentioned, coffee is important to your workers. This is especially true if your business has 24/7 operations. To ensure that your workers are physically and mentally prepared to work for long hours, boost their creativity by adding a coffee bar in your office. The coffee bar should encourage your workers to create their own coffee blends, depending on their preferences and needs. When creativity is required from your workers, expect that they’ll be able to come up with innovative and out-of-the-box ideas for the business.

Adding a coffee bar might be a big investment, but it can surely help in your retention programs. This is an amenity that will make your workers feel valued and appreciated.

4.    Provide work/life balance to your workers by hosting a coffee-making workshop.

The productivity levels of your workers are essential in the business. But as an entrepreneur, you need to keep in mind that work isn’t the only thing on your workers’ plates. If you want to make your workplace more inviting, don’t just focus on the pieces you can add to the space; you should also look after the work-life balance of your employees. If you’re looking for a cheap yet effective way of making your workers happy, consider hosting a coffee-making or marketing workshop in your office. Depending on the number of your workers, you can have a contest by department or individually. Not only will this become an avenue for workers to engage with each other, but it will also show off their resourcefulness. This coffee-making workshop will be an excellent idea so your workers can still have work-life balance even while in the office.

Your Effort Counts

Just because you hired the most qualified workers doesn’t mean that you should stop engaging with them. As an entrepreneur, you should regularly check on your workers, and ensure that they’re actually fulfilled with their job. Along with your efforts in providing them with a competitive salary, make sure that they have a suitable workplace—the more inviting it is, the better!  

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.