Why Your Website Is Not Converting Many Visitors Into Customers

If you think getting a lot of visitors on your website is enough to thrive in business, think again. The average web conversion rate is about 2.35% with the leading companies converting at approximately 5.31%. Sadly, most businesses only focus on getting visitors, not recognizing the importance of software, such as the Clickfunnels free trial guide, in turning visitors into clients.

Most people who land on your page have some interest in what you offer. But all of them don’t intend to make purchases. Some visitors are just looking for information, and that’s why the conversion rate is never perfect. But if you adopt the right strategies, you can join the list of companies with a higher conversion rate.

The main goal is just turning potential customers into clients. So, why is your business performing poorly?

Poor Or No Call To Action

You must tell your visitors what to do after going through your site. Having a solid call to action can make a huge impact on your business. Sometimes, visitors need a little push or a polite reminder to buy.

Therefore, have a clear call to action without being too salesy. Focus on the benefits of your product or service and ask people to try. Don’t force your products or services down their throats. Instead, tell a story, educate and inform your potential customers on how your product solves their problems.

Complex Buying Process

About 70% of visitors abandon a purchase if the buying process is too complex. According to the report:

  • Over 80% of millennials don’t complete a complicated process
  • About 90% of people aged above 55 would not complete a complex checkout
  • Excessive advertisements also turn off potential customers

Customers don’t have the luxury of setting up an account to make a purchase. If your buying process is too complicated, they would rather turn to your competitor with a simplified process. As such, work on your process. Allowing guest logins can solve this problem. In addition, avoid collecting personal information from your visitors as it deters them.

Poor FAQ Section And Customer Service

Shopping online can be overwhelming, especially when buyers face a challenge with no apparent solution. With no one in front of them to provide a solution like in physical stores, most potential buyers leave.

You can overcome this problem by having a comprehensive frequently asked section. You can also introduce a live chat feature on your website to allow your visitors to ask questions on the spot without waiting for long hours to get an email or make a call.

Visitors Are Unable To Find What They Need

The low conversion rate is also caused by visitors not finding what they’re looking for. Therefore, provide a search feature that helps them find a product based on price, gender, size and more.

People prefer to shop online because of convenience and ease. And if they can’t find what they need, they’ll feel disappointed and abandon the buying process.

Some businesses also have a poor marketing strategy. They promote what they don’t offer. This is majorly caused by using keywords to attract customers even when they don’t offer specific products. Don’t fall in this trap because once buyers leave your site, most of them never look back.

Your Website Is Insecure

The purchasing process involves sharing personal information, like addresses, names and credit card details. Most customers are uncomfortable sharing such details online because of fear of data breach.

It is important to make your website secure for users to feel confident sharing such information. Employ reputable third-party payment processors, mention your site’s security level and enable HTTPS://.

Creating a solid relationship founded and being transparent can boost your sales significantly. Although they sound obvious, most businesses often overlook these strategies.

Targeting The Wrong Audience

As long as you target the wrong audience, you will have a low conversion rate. It is important to know and understand your demographics well. For example, you must know your audience’s:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Income level
  • Taste and preference
  • Gender

With a large amount of data everywhere on most people, you have no reason not knowing your potential customers. Unfortunately, most businesses still depend on archaic strategies like gut feeling or praying and hoping that someone randomly visits and buys.

When doing business online, your ultimate goal should be high conversion, better leads and more sales. That way you can build your business, especially with the help of Kartra pricing plans and improve your customers’ experience. By addressing the six issues discussed in this post, you can improve your business.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.