The Most Profitable Niches for Blogs in 2020

Blogging is slowly becoming one of the trendy careers in recent times. Making money blogging and blogging for fun are two completely different things. 

If you want to become a blogger, the first thing you’ve got to do is identifying the profitable niches. Making a living from blogging needs patience and the right amount of effort but it can pay off big time.

Choose a niche you passionate about to avoid blogging burnout. With that said, if money is something you definitely would like included in your blogging journey, you should pick one of the profitable niches and learn to understand and love it.

Here are the best blog niches that’ll earn you money in 2020.

Tech Blog

Technology is a subject that’s growing every day. People want to stay updated on the latest apps and understand how they’ll make their life easier. You can start a blog that educates the audience on the apps to subscribe to by explaining how they work and their impact.

Below are some sub-niches for technical blogging.

PC technology. Begin a blog discussing the software or hardware of PC and take part in the “Windows vs. Mac” arguments.

Mobile technology. Create blogs that discuss androids, Ad mobile for apps, mobile gaming, and IOS.

Blockchain. You can focus on mining, cryptocurrencies, or trading.

General tech discussions. Here’s where you can pull out random discussions that interest tech enthusiasts. Topics like the culture of a software development company might start lots of good conversation.

Internet Marketing/Digital Marketing

Every business is moving to digital advertising and a lot of people still find difficulty with knowledge about where to start. You can begin a blog to help new marketers or small businesses that are transitioning from traditional advertising to digital marketing.

The best thing about venturing into digital marketing blogging is that you’ll learn what works and apply it on your site too.

Some of the blossoming sub-niches in digital marketing are.

Social media marketing. This focuses on generating traffic from social media platforms such as Instagram, Linkedln, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Website design and optimization. Blog about website complexities and tools to improve functionality and boost visibility.

Search engine marketing. Focuses on bloggers and website owners who want to rank organically in search engines.

Content marketing. Creating, posting, and distributing educational content.

Video marketing. Give tips on how to grow the vlogging business.

Email marketing. Blogging on how to craft an email series that convert recipients to buyers effectively.

Love and Relationship

People love “love,” and in today’s world, being in a stable relationship can be exhausting and confusing. That’s why discussing solutions for intimately connecting with other humans is one of the most profitable niches. 

If you consider yourself a romantic and charming person, you can start a blog helping your audience to master a few tricks.

Some of the sub-niche in this subject include:

Hooking up. This is for readers who want to have a casual experience with no attachments.

Blind dates. Educate readers on how to stay safe when going for blind dates.

General love/relationship advice. Giving tips on how to find love from their locations or through online dating sites.

Relationship blog. This focuses on people who have already found love and want to keep it alive.

Age based. Blog about relationships for a particular age group, like teens, divorcees, or the elderly.

Personal Finance and Investment 

This is all about saving and growing your money by investing. There are so many ways to make money, and people only know a handful of them.

If you have an interest in stocks, finance, forex, or even personal growth, this is one of the profitable niches you should consider trying. You don’t have to be a stock exchange expert or a CPA graduate. All you need is a passion for learning every day. 

You can review financial instruments, services, and products, and back up your research with authoritative figures.

Some of the sub-niches to consider are:

Stock market. Create content that discusses stock trends and instruments.

Foreign Exchange Markets. Focus on comparing currency pairs and exotics. You can also review the best software and brokers in the industry.

Credit card management. This will help many people focus on the responsible use of credit cards. You can educate your audience on loan management as well.

Pet Care

This is another one of the profitable niches in 2020. If you’ve worked at a vet store or you have pets. It’s time to translate that pets love to money. Pet owners are willing to spend huge lump sums for their pet care. 

Several pet stores are looking for bloggers to collaborate with to increase visibility and sales for their products. You can earn a lot from this niche by monetizing it by adding affiliate links.

Here are some trendy sub-niches of pet care:

Pet diets and recipes. Write some homemade recipes and diet plans for furry friends.

Pet clothes and accessories. Teach pet owners on how to cloth their pets in a stylish way without compromising their comfort.

Pet hygiene. Focusing on how to keep pets clean, what products to use, and best hygiene practices for all pets.

Parenting Blog

This is one of the profitable niches that a new blogger can start. There’s so much to learn about newborns and parenting and there are moms all over the world looking for a community.

Some of the sub-niches you can consider include:

Pregnancies. Focus on how to prepare for pregnancy, different ways of conceiving, and best practices of an expectant mom.

Family finances. Teach parents how to budget their money to accommodate their new member of the family, without neglecting their needs or getting into debts.

The working mom. Discuss how to juggle parenting while pursuing personal goals.

Parenting. Focus on the different types of parenting styles, how to deal with kid’s anxiety, and “parenting burnout.”

Do You Want More Tips on Using Profitable Niches to Blog for Money?

Becoming a professional blogger comes with a lot of pros. You can work as you live your dream of traveling the world. You can also transition from a demanding 9-5 job to become self-employed.

To enjoy the lucrativeness of the field, it’s important to choose one of the profitable niches and understand how to craft your content to attract readers. If you’re just getting started in the blogging world and need more insights, visit our blog.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.