The Best Platform for Trading on the Stock Exchange

Stock trading has been one of the coveted occupations since various bonds and stocks became available to a wider spectrum of investors. Despite the increased accessibility, stock trading always had a high entry barrier. When cryptocurrencies arrived, this situation changed allowing millions to join the market effortlessly.

Let’s talk about the best stock trading platform for beginners who want to get into crypto. In this particular case, we will be using the terms “stock trading” and “crypto trading” interchangeably since many people still call any activities related to buying and selling financial assets stock trading.

You may be also interested in an options trading platform where asset derivatives are traded. Since the cryptocurrency market is so huge, the arrival of derivatives was just a matter of time. Different exchanges including Binance and Wunderbit offer their ways to interact with tokens and coins through derivatives like futures and options.

However, the specifics of crypto trading must be accounted for in the conversation. Cryptocurrencies are different and mainly traded on the spot market due to issues related to the inability to guarantee instant delivery. Additionally, many exchanges employ P2P trading as their main way to swap currencies. All of it makes choosing the best stock trading platform for beginners quite hard. To make this market a little bit easier to navigate, you can use bot trading techniques!

Choosing the right instruments

Wunderbit Trading is a platform with a multitude of tools specific to the cryptocurrency market. It offers a wide range of instruments to automate and improve trading assets. The current list of fully implemented features includes:

  • A Smart Tradingview chart with signals, order settings, and other useful features;
  • All orders are without any additional fees, you pay only for the toolkit;
  • A full list of specialized bots for spot trading;
  • DCA bots that allow you to better manage orders and not overspend;
  • A neat portfolio tracker helping you manage various assets;
  • Copy-trading crypto and direct purchases of BTC.

The platform is optimized for beginners thanks to its simplified scripting and an array of features that will be interesting to newcomers to the world of trading. Wunderbit Trading provides all the necessary tools for those who want to earn money by buying and selling crypto. Simultaneously, the user experience is tuned towards convenience and simplicity so that newbies could start trading effortlessly.

Providing excellent support

One of the best things about this particular platform is that the level of support is great. You can reach out to the support team to deal with really tough issues. If there is a question you need to be answered but not immediately, you can contact the dev team using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Telegram.

The company also has a Trello page where you can suggest changes, discuss the future of the service, ask questions, and talk with other community contributors. The Trello page also features the full roadmap of the Wunderbit Trading project with goals sorted by completion. This level of transparency is what makes this company stand out.

If you need more info, you can always refer to the extensive and informative official website of Wunderbit Trading service where you will find a large FAQ section, blog, tutorials, tips, and other information relevant to crypto trading.

Affordable pricing

The last key aspect that must be addressed is pricing. While many of its competitors are trying to sell their products to clients who do not see the real difference between crypto and stock trading, Wunderbit Trading offers a flexible set of subscriptions and offers all of its relatively niche services in a Premium package that you can get for $33.7 per month with bi-annual payment.

Security and safety

The platform has robust backend architecture to prevent any breaches. The architecture is regularly updated to implement the newest security measures when applicable. Your personal information is handled with care and respect:

  • SSL encryption is used site-wise to protect data;
  • All databases are password-protected;
  • Only selected employees can access personal info.

The main takeaway

The best platform for trading on a stock exchange for crypto enthusiasts is not a title that can be given without thorough contemplation. While the one and only cannot be determined, Wunderbit Trading is certainly among the strongest contenders!

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.